GHP Q2 2021

GHP / Q2 2021 29 , Apr21384 Many GP practices in the UK are no longer offering ear syringing or ear irrigation services. As a result, there is a growing number of people suffering fromuntreated impacted earwax in the UK. Clearwax’s goal is to combine the best ear care professionals, latest technology and clinical evidence to provide safe, simple and effective earwax removal across the UK to help people who are suffering from impacted earwax. We take a look at what makes Clearwax the Earwax Removal Specialists 2021 – UK in this issue of Global Health & Pharmamagazine. Earwax Removal Specialists Not only does Clearwax train specialists who are either qualified audiologists, hearing aid dispensers, hearing care assistants, GPs, physician associates, ENT specialists, nurses, pharmacists or suitably qualified allied healthcare professionals in providing endoscopic ear care, but it also has a national online web portal where members of the public who are suffering with impacted earwax can find their nearest clinical ear care specialist for treatment. Clearwax specifically offers endoscopic earwax removal, which has been clinically found to be a much quicker and more comfortable method for the patient. The earwax is viewed through the eyepiece of the endoscope or via the attached video monitor while it is being removed using either ENT micro-instruments (e.g. ear hook, jobson horne) or gentle suction with a low-pressure suction machine and fine sterile probe. The company has specially designed and developed its own video revolutionary oto- endoscope for earwax removal called iCLEARscope, a new and innovative technique of removing earwax which offers many benefits over alternative methods and provides the specialist with direct visualisation whilst removing earwax, as opposed to ear syringing or ear irrigation where the earwax is flushed out blindly. The tip of this lightweight, portable and easy-to-operate video oto-endoscope is placed into the ear canal opening to provide a high-definition and wide panoramic view of the entire ear canal and ear drum to facilitate effective earwax removal. Benefits of this method include that there is not always the need to apply eardrops for wax (e.g. olive oil or sodium bicarbonate eardrops) for several days or weeks beforehand, which is the case with ear syringing or ear irrigation (Nonetheless, the use of eardrops is still recommended wherever possible for one or two days prior to having endoscopic earwax removal performed); no water is flushed into the ear canal like with ear syringing or ear irrigation – instead the procedure is performed dry, significantly reducing the risk of infection and accidentally pumping the earwax deeper into the ear canal; and unlike ear syringing and ear irrigation, it can be performed for people who have a perforated eardrum or grommet, mastoid cavity and cleft palate, in addition to any foreign object (e.g. children’s marble) that may be lodged inside the ear canal. COVID-19 meant a surge in patients requiring private earwax removal treatment since many GP practices in the UK are no longer offering these services. It has therefore been vital that Clearwax is able to ensure it can provide the highest quality of training and equipment to its specialists, whilst maintaining the best level of service to members of the public. Meanwhile, an unforeseen benefit of COVID-19 is that the company now adopts the theoretical component of its training course online, meaning it has much more time to focus on the practical element of the training with its specialists when they attend in person. In terms of this year and onwards, Clearwax is excited to be currently developing another version of its endoscope. In addition, it is improving its website to make it even easier for members of the public to find their nearest clinical ear care specialist. Finally, it hopes to expand its services around the globe with all the interest it has received in its device and training from specialists practicing in different parts of the world. Contact: Neel Raithatha Website: ear wax removal specialists