GHP Q2 2021

32 GHP / Q2 2021 , Based in Cheshire, Sophie Attwood Communications is dedicated to providing strategic PR andmarketing counsel to big names in the beauty and wellness industry. Having recently been awarded the title of 2021’s Leading Beauty &Medical Aesthetics PR & Communications Company – UK, we find out more about what the firmhas to offer. Beautiful Communications Sophie Attwood Communications is an agency which specialises in the beauty, wellness and medical aesthetics industry, representing trailblazers within the sector from leading cosmetic surgeons, doctors, hair restoration consultants and psychologists through to award-winning premium skincare brands and body treatments. With a curated portfolio of exceptional brands, Sophie Attwood Communications develops creative strategies to enable its clients to take their communication strategies to the next level. The company’s reputation for such strategies now often precedes it and it is precisely this that has enabled the firm to grow successfully since its launch in 2017. Sophie Attwood Communications supports practitioners in the running and the success of their clinics by combining years of expert strategic PR and marketing counsel and targeted tactical implementation to deliver truly definitive results for the businesses and profiles it represents. The firm’s strategic planning and quick reactions to the needs of the media result in fast-paced, exciting PR campaigns in a wide range of media outlets and thus, a significant amount of coverage for their clients. Apr21221 Sophie Attwood Communications’ USP is two-fold. Firstly, the results achieved speak for themselves, with clients regularly seeing themselves reach significant audiences across all platforms of national media through carefully thought-out campaigns. With most having never featured within the press to begin with, their clients very quickly find themselves featuring in prestigious publications like British Vogue and Tatler through to regular broadcast opportunities with Sky News, BBC documentaries and ITV’s This Morning. Secondly, the team’s lateral knowledge across the industry means that they can create stories and programming ideas for commission that are both relevant to the industry and the professionals within it, but also to the consumer. Above all else, the company genuinely cares about the industries it represents and has worked hard to push forward important topics of conversation. Whether through articles to explain the correct medical treatment plan for conditions such as acne or rosacea, or campaigns to raise awareness about subjects which still carry a stigma such as post-partum and menopausal incontinence, the company’s campaigns do not just build profiles, but also go further to ignite the conversations that matter. Since its inception four years ago, Sophie Attwood Communications has carefully gathered an incredibly talented team of former journalists, publicists and PR consultants, with everyone within the team sharing the company’s values of being driven to success for the clients it represents. With regards to the future, Sophie Attwood Communications has plans for continued growth with new team members joining the agency this year. Having won an award for the videography services carried out for a client, Sophie Attwood Communications has successfully rolled this service out across the industry and as such as has supported over 80 clinics with videography support in the last 12 months. With this and other innovative ideas coming to fruition over the months and years ahead, it is clear that the future is bright for Sophie Attwood Communications. Contact: Sophie Attwood Company: Sophie Attwood Communications Ltd Web Address: