GHP Q2 2021

34 GHP / Q2 2021 , Apr21172 Winner of 2021’s Most Outstanding Aesthetic &Dermatology Clinic –Wales, FreyjaMedical is an aesthetic and dermatology clinic with a difference. We find out more about what sets the clinic apart as it celebrates success at the GHP Global Excellence Awards 2021. ‘More Than Skin Deep’ Founded by Dr James Dean and Dr Keli Thorsteinsson in 2017, Freyja Medical is a multi- award-winning aesthetic and dermatology clinic based in Wrexham and Cheshire. The clinics provide a comprehensive array of services that include aesthetic treatments such as dermal fillers and Botox, medical procedures like mole checks and skin surgery, and treatment of skin conditions like acne, facial redness, and scalp problems. While Freyja is by no means the only medical aesthetics clinic in the UK, it is its client- centric and educative approach to its practices that has set the company apart in the five years since its inception. The clinic strives to provide a service to well-informed clients that recognise its efforts to raise the standard for the aesthetics industry, enabling both parties to benefit from service that aims to educate the public and is driven by values that put reputation before profits, create an outstanding customer experience, and engender a fun and friendly place to work. To that end, Freyja has developed a consulting service model that is designed to take any stress out of the process for clients. The team of experienced and compassionate doctors and dermatologists rarely – if ever – carry out treatments on the day of the initial consultation, preferring instead to use that time to get to know their patient and their needs, and establish with them the best course of action. As part of this first personalised smart consultation, clients are given a comprehensive and well- explained welcome pack. The patient then has time to deliberate on the best option for them and to plan any required downtime accordingly, before coming into receive their treatment at a time that is convenient to them. The treatments and professional aesthetic interventions are delivered by a team of devoted specialist doctors and nurses, who are led by Dr Dean and Dr Thorsteinsson in their commitment to safety and wellbeing in the delivery of top quality aesthetic practices. With decades of experience in dermatology and medical aesthetics between them, Dr Dean and Dr Thorsteinsson have written a book based on their many years of research titled ‘More Than Skin Deep’. Their growing reputation sees clients travelling from across the world to benefit from their expertise and services, thus expanding the reach of Freyja and its roster of accolades, to which it is this year adding its most recent award for 2021’s Most Outstanding Aesthetic & Dermatology Clinic – Wales at the GHP Global Excellence Awards 2021. This is not to suggest that the last year has been easy for the team at Freyja. Like so many clinics across the UK, the clinic was confronted by several challenges brought about by the pandemic, chief among them, how to support the new talent that had been recently recruited but were consequently not eligible for government support in the first lockdown. However, as devoted as it is to its people, Freyja quickly concluded that they were better to take the financial hit and keep those valuable individuals on than let them go – and the success of the past 12 months has proven that that decision was wise. Indeed, the team has also grown to include an aesthetic nurse, aesthetic therapist, and a receptionist in the last 6 months, additions that have been highly valued in what has been the busiest and most profitable 6 months that Freyja has experienced to date. Thus, as the UK moves out of lockdown and begins to take on life post-Covid-19, the team at Freyja is suitably optimistic about the future. Having just relaunched the opening of its Cheshire Clinic in Nantwich, which had been postponed due to the pandemic, and successfully running its very popular VIP Hydrafacial Event at the end of April, life after lockdown is already bright for the flourishing team at Freyja Medical. Contact: Nicki Humphries Company: Freyja Medical Web Address: