GHP Q2 2021

36 GHP / Q2 2021 , Mar21661 The world of cardiac care is undergoing a revolution, and at the heart of this revolution is the team fromClinical Prevention and Rehabilitation (CP+R) Ltd. The teamwas named Leading Specialists in Cardiac & Cancer Rehabilitation - South East England in GHP’s Private Healthcare Awards 2021 because of their tireless commitment to helping every one of their clients to live a longer and a better life. We take a closer look at the team in the light of their remarkable success. The Beating Heart The heart is at the centre of the body, so it’s little wonder that the CP+R team’s focus on this vital organ has gained a great deal of attention. What comes as a surprise to many, however, is the enormous impact that the team’s cardiac prevention, prehabilitation and rehabilitation programmes can have on them. Everyone is looking for ways to improve their bodies, and CP+R does that with aplomb. Every client who comes through the team’s doors is treated with the ultimate bespoke care. Partnered with their own Cardiac Coach, every step taken is designed to help them on their journey to better health. This system of 1-2-1 coaching with team-to-one support has been in place for the last fifteen years, and continues to yield huge success for CP+R clients and team. This is because it ensures strong and lasting relationships that allow clients to receive exceptional care in an approach that is always personal and inspirational. The team’s process has been carefully developed over the years to ensure a comprehensive health solution. It starts with a health assessment, which covers the four key areas of heart, metabolic, functional and mental health. Each has an important role to play, as well as important impact on the other aspects. From this assessment, a full report is made covering hundreds of data points. The report then forms the basis of a bespoke CP+R programme. Clients are guided, supported and motivated through their CP+R journey, being reassessed every 12 weeks to review progress and ensure they are on track. With amazing attention to detail at every stage, the CP+R team has the chance to make an enormous impact on those who they work with. The people who take advantage of this exceptional service vary enormously from those who are in good health, but looking to invest in a better quality of life to those who have serious clinical need and require more support. The golden thread running through each individual is a desire to take back control of their health, so that they can feel more confident and reassured in themselves and their future. Many clients have turned to the team having been referred by experts in the field. Cardiologists, oncologists, GPs, surgeons and other health professionals have built lasting relationships with CP+R and trust them to deliver exemplary results. It’s a vital part of the company’s approach to work closely with other medical professionals, and many consider the service offered by CP+R as an extension of their own. Like many businesses, CP+R had to adapt swiftly to the new circumstances created by the COVID-19 pandemic, but this has only opened up new opportunities for the team. Their services now include totally virtual programmes which allows them to reach clients anywhere in the world. With a reach that now includes Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and Dubai, CP+R has become a truly international organisation in the last year. For some, clinical need is the only reason to be concerned about the condition of the cardiac system, but for the team at CP+R, the work is about helping anyone who wants to a live longer and better life. If you value your heart, your life and years you may have ahead of you, it’s an investment you should certainly consider. Company: Clinical Prevention and Rehabilitation (CP+R) Ltd Name: Jamie Whitehouse Email: Jamie[email protected] Web Address: