GHP Q2 2021

GHP / Q2 2021 41 , Feb21315 Since 1976, The Prince’s Trust has supported vulnerable young people throughout England facing adversity to secure employment and education. We find out more about the charity as it celebrates its recent recognition as the Best Youth Support Organisation – UK. Supporting The Next Generation Founded by the Prince of Wales in 1976, The Prince’s Trust is a charity that supports young people aged 11 to 30 who are unemployed, struggling at school, or at risk of exclusion to develop the skills and confidence they need to pursue and realise their ambitions. Many of those young people are individuals who are in or leaving care; are facing issues such as homelessness or mental health problems; or have been in trouble with the law. The Prince’s Trust created a series of programmes designed to help these individuals gain self-esteem and skills required for work, providing them with stability in the form of practical and financial support. As a result, three in four of the young people who work with The Prince’s Trust have found themselves in work, education or training. Among the programmes created by the Trust are the Health and Social Care programmes that have been curated in partnership with the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) and Health Education England (HEE). The goal of the programme is to secure careers for 10,000 young people in this vital sector, thereby supporting people from a range of backgrounds – including lower income or those impacted by long-term unemployment – to enter sustainable employment. Recruiting from all over England, the programme seeks to improve diversity in the sector and therefore make it representative of the diversity of the nation. The flexibility of its delivery model means that young people are able to benefit from first-hand experience gained within a dynamic and crucial workplace, while employers and organisations within the industry are able to meet the high demand for skilled workers with the next generation of young and diverse talent. Moreover, the programmes are designed to support young people long after they have initially found employment. Considering the specific needs of each individual and offering mentoring that supports them as they secure and begin their career in the health and social care sector, the Trust also provides ongoing career support that includes structured training and on the job experience, which leads to better job retention. At a time when the English and UK health sector has been under more pressure than ever, the work of the Trust has remained a valued asset. The programmes have been adapted to function through online mediums where necessary and employers and the trust are working closely together to ensure that the young people who enter the workplace know that they are valued and feel safe. The Trust has helped over one million young people to date and supports over 100 more each day. As it is celebrated this year for its exceptional and lifechanging work at the Social Care Awards 2021, we can undoubtedly continue to expect many more years to come of support and care for England’s next generation of talent in a critical and highly valued industry. Contact: Malikah Almaas Company: Prince’s Trust Web Address: