GHP Q2 2021

42 GHP / Q2 2021 , Feb21309 Caring for the elderly is a vital part of society’s responsibilities. After years of valuable contribution, it’s right to ensure that people in their twilight years are comfortable and safe. That’s just what the teamat Fabs Domiciliary Homecare Ltd do, focusing on those facing the difficulties of dementia or Parkinson’s Disease. Recognised in GHP’s Social Care Awards 2021 as theMost Compassionate Elderly Care Provider – London, we take a look at the firm to see some of the secrets behind their success. Golden Oldies The responsibility that comes with care for the elderly is something that the team at Fabs Domiciliary Homecare take incredibly seriously. They know that the work they do has an enormous impact on their clients and make every attempt to ensure that they are comfortable and happy as they come to the end of a long life. The success of the team comes from their ability to face down the various unique challenges that such care must revolve around. They take the time to truly personalise the support that they offer, taking into account exactly what the client and their families want and trying to incorporate that into daily life. Some clients are a challenge, not wanting to move into domicillary care, and it would be easy to lose patience with them. Not so for the team at Fabs Domiciliary Homecare. They have built their reputation on their ability to treat all clients with the same impressive level of equality and respect. The relationship between carer and client is always complex and evolving, with the team offering a welcome ear to any problems and then finding ways of creating the right solution for the individual. Maintaining these positive relationships is key to a happy time for all. Finding people who can do all of these things is crucial to the team’s success, and recruitment often revolves around the specific skills of finding someone who has a positive attitude to life, good communication skills, and genuine love for others. These are skills which cannot be taught, but are intrinsically part of how someone thinks and works. The boutique nature of Fabs Domiciliary Homecare is such that clients and carers have the space to build their own unique relationship. It also means that everybody knows everybody else. This is very useful when it comes to asking for assistance, with the whole team happy to help and support each other. With this friendly workspace comes a team that is positive in equal measure. As the pandemic abates, the team at Fabs Domiciliary Homecare are looking to new exciting horizons. They want to go even further than before when it comes to getting new care packages and more staff. The team intend to do even more in the health section of the business, offering new options such as vital support-in living and residential homecare to those who have contributed so much to society. Company: Fabs Domiciliary Homecare Ltd Name: Elisabeth Fabiyi Email: [email protected] Web Address: