GHP Q2 2021

GHP / Q2 2021 43 , Feb21004 As people get older, they need care that matches their specific, and often unique, needs. Since opening its doors in 2013, the teamat Orchid Care Services has gone from strength to strength. Now that they have been recognised in the Social Care Awards 2021 for their stunning success as Best Home Care Services Provider - Channel Islands, we thought it time to take a look at what this amazing teamhave to offer their clients. Care for the Community Social care has become one of the big issues of the 21st Century, as the world faces the challenges of an aging population. While this is a magnificent achievement, the need for care services has not only increased, but expanded in scope dramatically. Those who are getting on in years often do not easily fit into a box and require a bespoke care solution. That’s where Orchid Care Services come in. The team are a community home care provider, regulated by the Jersey Care Commission, and focusing specifically on Adults in the Old Age, Dementia or Physical Disability categories. In this way, the team are able to provide industry-leading services that have ensured they achieve extraordinary success. Key to this approach is the way in which the patient is always placed at the heart of the team’s operation. By working closely with both the client and their families, Orchid Care Services has been able to develop many bespoke solutions that meet the needs of the individual patient. This close collaboration ensures that these solutions are always comprehensive, serving the patient at all times. What has become clear during the COVID-19 pandemic is the immense value of having a carer on hand for what a patient needs. The industry as a whole has responded tremendously, but the Orchid Care Services stand head and shoulders above the rest. Their long-standing team has always operated as a family unit, and the recent crisis has only strengthened this bond. Often, specific requests are made for specific members of the team from patients because they are welcomed in as part of the family too. Every day in social care is different, with unique difficulties and challenges to face. Communication is key to ensure that everyone is able to operate as efficiently as possible. Needless to say, the office team keep in regular contact with all carers so that they are all kept abreast of what is going on outside of their immediate work. This commitment to offering a holistic approach is how the team are able to stay connected to each other, and that is the secret behind the team’s success. The care industry is always evolving, and one of the changes that the team at Orchid Care Services have taken on recently is digital care management software. This allows the team to oversee care in real-time. Aside from drastically reducing the amount of paper used, it has allowed the management team to get out of the office and spend more of their time with carers and clients alike. Having this close connection to the work makes them better leaders and gives them the chance to understand the realities of what goes on. The future for the team at Orchid Care Services seems bright indeed, with many exciting projects coming to fruition after the unique challenges of 2020. The team are building regular outdoor yoga lessons into their team’s care rota, and the company has made an enormous investment into carer training so that their talented team can continue their impressive record of growth and development. The success of Orchid Care Services is not just good for the team. It’s a fantastic result for those within the care system. With such sophisticated service on hand for their needs, it’s little wonder that the team has been able to secure such an amazing degree of success. Company: Orchid Care Services Name: James Ahier – Managing Director Email: [email protected] Web Address: