GHP Q2 2021

46 GHP / Q2 2021 , Lauded as the ‘Best Medical-Sector Regulation &Distribution Specialists’ for 2021, SinoSciences is a company serving the Greater Chinese market segment. Significant facilitating and penetrate for unique medical companies fromall over the world to break into this market has made itself a cornerstone of the corporate ecosystem. Who is that in charge of Strengthening the Bridge Between China and the World? Who is SinoSciences? SinoSciences is a cooperate with a fresh new mindset, encouraging and helping its partner companies in their ‘step East’. It provides an accurate pipeline for cutting-edge medical companies with cutting edge new ideas, and helping them to break into the Chinese medical market segment. SinoSciences is itself a Chinese-Israeli joint company serving its region with the distribution and manufacture of unique medical equipment and products, and operates a regulatory channel giving it access to CFDA oversight in far quicker time frames. This means that the process for getting approval from this board for products and solutions is expedited for its clients. Often, it finds its clients are innovative companies looking to develop further advantage in their fields, already holding regulatory approval from another country’s regulatory standards board such as the FDA. Through the reliable operation of SinoSciences The company purchases the most relevant products in the right quantities, and performs the duties of a local partner, operating under an exclusive, long-term distribution agreement. SinoSciences’s contracts ensure that all such duties are performed Apr21598 with rigour and to the highest of standards. This is a crucial element of what has allowed it to grow in its sector – the oversight that it enjoys affords it trust, trust that its clients put in it upon using its services to get the right products to the people who need them. The reliable nature of its services has earned it several exclusive contracts over the years, including several agreements with unique Israeli medicinal and medical device manufacture companies creating tomorrow’s next big innovations. Company scope, size, complexity and management SinoSciences currently employs 35 expert staff in three offices throughout Israel and China, all of whom are professional, diligent, and highly capable. The importance of good admin and standardized practices in an industry such as distribution, especially when the products in question are medical, cannot be understated. Therefore, SinoSciences takes no chances. It works hard to ensure that its processes are well developed and dependable, with projects that are scrupulously managed. It oversees every element down to the most minute detail, never settling for second best, and the Director and CEO Segev Halfon has a direct hand in guaranteeing that this is consistently done well. He manages the full operations of the strategic bases in both countries. These responsibilities span a multitude of departments and make up very complex operations that are constantly growing. Expanding the operation to European countries Indeed, this business is continuously opening new branches and securing contacts in other regions to facilitate further expansion. The most recent breakthrough has occurred in Europe; it is excited to announce that another SinoSciences branch will be opening soon on the continent to aid European countries on their own entrance into the Chinese market. For an idea that began at a conference in East China, SinoSciences has come a very long way, but at its core the principle that began it all is the same; good networking. This is paired with strictly maintained methodologies that are kept flexible and adaptable, based on accurate and detailed planning that is kept up to date with current market trends. Engagement with government and global relations SinoSciences gained much of its notoriety in the early days by gaining the trust of multiple governmental officials. This gave the business the momentum it needed to build up its initial client base and begin to make waves, which happened fast after the founder secured his first investor and developed an excellent business plan. The entities putting money towards his enterprise could not only see the logic behind the plans, but the effort behind them, as the CEO’s work ethic is still something that drives how this company works to this day. Since these early days, SinoSciences has gained many more connections and worldwide partners in the field of medical innovation. SinoSciences experience and constant development When it comes to working with its region, SinoSciences has gained a vast array of experience. Its tenacity has pushed it through all challenges in order to make it stand out in its market segment, carving out an enviable niche in its industry that it has kept by remaining competitive, working with the changing context of the world around it. SinoSciences has also achieved this in no small part by connecting with other companies who operate in the Chinese market. To this end, its experience working with Chinese companies forms a vast portfolio, and it knows the sector like the back of its hand, keeping track of the old blood and newcomers in order to accurately track the development of the industry in the macro scale. The businesses it has worked with range from Chinese businesspersons to joint ventures