GHP Q2 2021

48 GHP / Q2 2021 , The world of cosmetics is undergoing a revolution. As people look for new and exciting ways of working in this industry, attention turns to those companies which lie at the forefront of innovation. Firms like Renè D’essay have made an extraordinary impact on the world at large. Justly namedMost Innovative Cosmetic Treatment Development Company – Europe in GHP’s MedTech Awards 2020, we take a closer look to further understand some of the team’s enormous success. The Cosmetics Revolution Renè D’essay has become a regular feature in the pages of GHP, with awards success to reflect the exciting approach that the team has taken over the last thirty years. Its role as an innovator means that it is in perpetual revolution, always changing to meet the needs of a new audience. The development of new cosmetics, from creams to equipment, is not an easy task, but one which the team rise to each and every time. Truly innovative approaches to cosmetics are always in demand, and in demand on an international basis. That’s why the team at Renè D’essay have been able to gather staff from many different places to give them a unique perspective on the world of cosmetics. Through this carefully curated approach, Renè D’essay products can be found in a variety of different places, used in high-end locales such as beauty and aesthetic medical centres as well as spas. This demand is driven by the success of the products that are on offer. Few could disagree with the effectiveness of what the Renè D’essay team produces. While proud of their work, they are always looking for the next big thing and aim to improve what they are able to offer every time. Because the team take a holistic view of the cosmetics industry, it’s little surprise that they have produce the vital products that professionals need to thrive. Dec20432 The driving forces of Renè D’essay have remained the same since the firm’s inception over thirty years ago, and have ensured that the team continue to create some of the world’s leading cosmetics products. These vital factors are quality, efficiency, coherence and simplicity. Every decision is run through the prism of each to ensure that the best possible item comes out at the end of the process. It’s one of the sure-fire ways in which the team have been able to achieve such success. Part of the steps that the team has taken to ensure this include a commitment to delivering items that are never tested on animals. Indeed, the team has taken the decision to avoid using any toxic products at any stage of the development process to ensure the highest standards. There are no lubricants, paraffins, synthetic dyes or allergenic perfumes, just good high-quality ingredients. With a carefully designed distribution chain, the team have been able to ensure that their work continues to be of the highest quality. With such high expectations, both within the industry and from the team who make Renè D’essay happen, it’s little wonder that the team has been able to achieve such remarkable success. Their work has allowed people to access cosmetics in a way that has been able to revolutionise how they work while having as little negative impact as possible. Only through such highs standards have the team been able to ensure such success, which has seen them through the last thirty years, and is certain to see them long into the future. Name: Andrea Bergonzini Email: [email protected]