GHP Q2 2021

8 GHP / Q2 2021 , Dec20364 An exceptional dental practice that has been serving the North East all throughout the pandemic, Murton Dental Care has gone from strength to strength in proving its dedication to its clients. After fully revamping its clinic and growing its team, it reflects onwhat the next milestone will be. Dental Practice of the Year - County Durham Raj Chopra has been a dental expert and a leading mind in his field for 10 years now. Over his time in the sector, he has gained enviable depth and breadth of knowledge in all things oral hygiene, and by the time he came to own Merton Dental Health he had demonstratable expertise across a variety of treatments. With all this experience behind him, he took over the running of Murton Dental Health 3 years ago, a family oriented medical centre that can provide both NHS and independent dental services. Prior to this, the practice had already been open for 22 years. This had the benefit for both Raj and the practice in general of already having a loyal base of customers that continually put their trust in Murton Dental Care. Therefore, the Murton Dental Care team funnelled significant effort into further cultivating this trust, working with empathy and sensitivity as well as professional diligence. It specialises in taking care of entire family’s dental plans, and the exemplary way in which it handles its work has allowed it to significantly grow over the past few years. Such growth has included the physical growth of the practice in terms of actual space, for example. Since 2017, it has undergone remodelling in order to add another treatment room, taking it up from 2 to 3 and increasing the number of patients it is capable of seeing at a time. It also now has a dedicated sterilisation room that has enabled Murton Dental Care to operate with yet more diligence regarding sanitation, expanding its team of clinicians so that it is able to man this increased space. Subsequently, it has gone from just the two dentists to a full compliment of dentists, a dental therapist, and a practice manager. Not only does this mean Murton Dental Care is able to fully utilise the new and improved space, but it is able to delegate effectively, ensuring the right tasks are in the right hands. Due to the expansion of its core team, the list of capabilities and proficiencies it can offer has also been added to. Now, it is an exceedingly healthy and industry leading practice capable of all manner of treatments, such as cosmetic orthodontics and non- surgical facial aesthetic solutions. These include white fillings, the Boutique teeth whitening system, and the Enlighten teeth whitening system, as well as services such as Invisalign, Quick Straight Teeth, root canals, crowns, bridges, and flexible dentures. Between all of these services, it has propelled itself to the forefront of industry concerns in its region. It has also gained significantly more clients over the course of the remodels and growth of its additional dental solutions, many of whom laud its services as exemplary and leave it outstanding Google and Facebook reviews after being thoroughly satisfied by the service they receive. Many reviews speak to the professional and friendliness of the staff as well as the effectiveness of the healthcare they receive, appreciating Murton Dental Care’s commitment to keeping their prices affordable and their dental care accessible. In the coming years and months, Murton Dental Care wishes to become a Foundation Dentist training practice; it foresees this happening sometimes in the next 12 months. It has a passion and a drive for training the next generation of dentists and would be honoured for the chance to shape these young minds, its commitment to long term learning already made clear by its involvement with the North Deanery Postgraduate Scheme. Whilst this has been delayed due to Covid-19, it is hopeful that this goal is still firmly in reach. Having been operating as urgent dental care during the pandemic, and being the 13th top dentist in the North East, it will be using these springboards to continue forward on its path to further excellence. Company: Murton Dental Care Contact: Raj Chopra Website: