GHP Q2 2021

GHP / Q2 2021 9 , Sep20638 Givingmanufacturers of orphan drug, cell, and gene therapy excellent returns on their investments, and giving back to patients by ensuring drug prices are the lowest they can be whilst not sacrificing on quality. It has beenworking hard to shape the world’s conversation regarding these solutions, striving to take this further as it moves into the future. Best Specialist Biotech Market Access Consultancy 2020 Partners4Access are orphan drug, cell, and gene therapy specialists, striving to make these treatments more accessible across the board. It has forged healthy business partnerships with a multitude of international industry titans to support launches of such products on a worldwide scale. At Partners4Access, it has made it its duty to strike an equilibrium in the world between supply and demand by supporting manufacturers of medical solutions to help the best medications reach the end users who need them. This results in a fair investment for manufactures whilst keeping prices affordable for patients. The company’s mission being thus is driven by a few key values – for instance, understanding – it knows that the market is complex and challenging when it comes to the specialist solutions it offers, and so is passionate in helping manufacturers navigate this. Furthermore, the services Partners4Access offer focus first and foremost on five key areas. The first of these is orphan drug research, including pricing and market access strategies regarding these treatment options; such things include competitor environment analysis, reimbursement pathways, policy surveillance, and stakeholder engagement – these operations take place alongside value communications. Nominally, these include global value dossiers and value message testing. Partners4Access can also handle the prize optimization, launch sequence pathways, and public affairs strategies that its clients will find well thought out and effective. This fits into its values because it knows it is asking clients to put a lot of trust in it, but over its time in operation, it has proven more than capable of handling this and delivering exemplary results. Partners4Access’s second key area is evidence mitigation solutions. Fundamentally, this covers the identification of potential gaps in a client’s evidence plans, and it responds to these by designing solutions to mitigate these challenges, managing holes in both clinical and economic data efficiently. This strand of its business also contains value messaging of its own, with a different focus, as well as strategy workshops and publication plans for clinical and health economic data. The third focus lies in bespoke access roadmaps; highly tailored pathways that ensure success dispersed by pragmatic goalposts. Partners4Access’s roadmaps cover everything from policy surveillance to reimbursement pathways, procurement, and stakeholder or influencer identification. Penultimately, another element of its business model is rare disease foresights that help a client to learn, act upon, and respond to policy changes, stakeholder activity, or competitor activity. In this way, Partners4Access’s clients get a comprehensive overview of the market that allows them to consistently keep their fingers on the pulse of new developments or industry challenges, monitoring disease area burden, health policy assessment, and predictive trend analysis. The last of this business’s 5 focuses regards its access centre of excellence. This centre allows clients access to expert workshops where Partners4Access works directly with a client’s marketing team, running training on the nitty gritty of market access, managing entry programs such as patient access schemes, tender training, negotiation strategy, business case development, and more strategic work. Being one of the only companies with such breadth and depth of knowledge in its field, it is better placed than ever to help patients by helping the companies that supply them with medicine, shaping the conversation around orphan drugs. Going forward, therefore, it will be continuing to strive for the sustainable world of orphan drug, cell, and gene therapy that is becoming more possible by the day. Contact: Georgie Rack Website: