GHP Q2 2022

10 GHP Q2 2022 Recognised as North London’s Best Holistic Dental Practice, Mill Hill Dental Practice London is a holistic dental practice that has chosen to incorporate a wholesome approach to patient care. At Mill Hill, the organisation has reduced treatment times whilst making dentistry a completely pain free experience.Thus, creating beautiful, healthy smiles and standing firmly by their motto, ‘You Smile, We Smile,’ ensuring its success comes with outstanding results that patients can see. Best Holistic Dental Practice - North London ill Hill Dental Practice London is renowned for its ability to incorporate a focus on advice concerning physical, mental, social, spiritual, and intellectual well-being and detox and limiting exposure to toxic materials. The entire philosophy at Mill Hill is holistic and wholesome, which includes being mercury-free and can safely remove amalgam fillings. Moreover, the practice uses some of the safest materials in the industry. As an example of their dedication and care, Mill Hill practices with in-house ceramics to restore teeth, reducing the chance of chemical leakage from filling materials and encouraging teeth to retain their natural strength and beauty. Additionally, since Dr Maggie Andi took over the practice in early 2019, Mill Hill has had over 20000 individuals seek their innovative and all-inclusive encompassing services. Dr Maggie goes deeper into the institution’s offerings and reputation by stating, “We have become a global influencer due to our philosophy and have had the privilege of teaming up with some excellent companies. We are constantly forming superb relationships to seek out the best treatment options for our patients. We use the most advanced digital equipment, so we are able to safely take dental x rays from children aged five years and above with minimal radiation exposure. We also offer nutrition for all via our sister domain.” As previously stated, Mill Hill is a holistic practice. It is highly pragmatic, and Intune with several standards often exceeded due to Dr Maggie and her incredible team of highly trained practitioners. Regarding some of the practices newest additions, Dr Maggie states, “we are so proud to be able to disrupt the dental industry and once again be the early adopters of some terrific new systems such as our Dio Navi implants and the introduction of Virtuoso and Suresmile aligners. This will rival and add some healthy competition to our Invisalign aligners. We are also helping to reform children’s dentistry in NW London,” an upcoming crowning achievement for Mill Hill within the field of dentistry. Mill Hill proudly serves clients through all ages of life and has made its presence known as caring and thoughtful practitioners, pre-and post-Covid-19. Despite difficulties, the establishment has been at the forefront of the pandemic, serving the NHS by offering prescription services and face to face visits that were run through 111 during those challenging times. Thus, Mill Hill expanded its aid by running a member’s club, giving clients access to its hygienist team up to three times a year. Dr Maggie expands on the importance of access and other significant attributes that allow the practice to stand out by stating, “It’s important that affordability should not be a barrier to care, so, we tend to offer free video consultations to answer any pressing questions prior to patients booking in.” At Mill Hill, every ounce of care is fuelled into the practice from patient to the equipment used – clients will receive first-class communication and treatment at every visit and will be led by the industries leading holistic dental professionals. Like many businesses through the Covid-19 pandemic, practices faced several challenges and utilised that time to adapt, evolve and refurbish their brand or buildings to attract new customers during this downfall – which is precisely what Dr Maggie did for Mill Hill, leading the practice to engage in new products and contracts since its reopening in July 2020. For the new year, Mill Hill is focusing on launching its holistic dental service, which will be available across various online platforms to discuss dentistry’s myths. Dr Maggie unravels this announcement by discussing additional plans for the practice by stating, “we intend to ensure that more people can access the lifechanging nutrition that we are able to source and educate people on their health and well-being.” Catering to all aspects of life, Mill Hill was truly revamped and rejuvenated by Dr Maggie Andi since she took over the practice. As a result, the establishment has flourished and cared for patients equally and exceedingly across every sea of challenges that has come its way. With a bright future ahead, Mill Hill is safe in the reputable hands of Dr Maggie, as are her patients. Company Name: Mill Hill Dental Practice Contact Name: Dr Maggie Andi Web Address: Https:// Contact Email: [email protected] M Nov21767