GHP Q2 2022

11 GHP Q2 2022 Backed by one of the aesthetic industry’s most recognisable faces, Facial Sculpting is a company devoted to using non-surgical methodstoenhanceitspatients’confidence and natural beauty. Indeed, under the guidance of Dr. Nina Bal, the innovative company has received nationwide recognition for its professionalism, treatments, and impressive results. Henceforth, the company has been the recipient of numerous awards, and is now adding Best for Innovative Facial Sculpting Treatments, 2022 to its collection. Facial Sculpting is a brand created by the renowned cosmetic dental surgeon and experienced aesthetician, Dr. Nina Bal. The prestigious company offers a whole host of services, including the innovative and increasingly popular treatment, Profhilo. This injectable treatment has taken the aesthetics world by storm, offering fast, skin-rejuvenating results. Unlike HA dermal fillers, Profhilo enhances and boosts skin health and acts as a bio remodelling treatment that stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, subsequently creating results within 3-5 days post-treatment. Dr. Nina notes that the product is suitable for just about everyone – no matter the age or gender – and is especially effective for ageproofing the skin by building up the hyaluronic acid, collagen, and elastin reserves. Facial sculpting is, of course, best known for its facial sculpting service. Described as a ‘concept rather than a surgical procedure,’ Dr. Nina endeavours to enhance the balance of the natural facial features, thereby creating natural rejuvenation with subtle effects. Moreover, it supplies an abundance of aesthetic benefits, including balancing out an asymmetrical face, reducing the signs of aging, and can even aid conditions like bruxism. Dr. Nina has seen the benefits for herself, not only in terms of the physical but also the mental, noting the positive impact it has on self-confidence. Henceforth, this has bolstered her love and passion for aesthetics – a passion that she hopes to share with each of her patients. Dr. Nina Bal is a highly decorated aesthetics practitioner that has numerous accolades under her belt, including Best Aesthetics Facial Sculpting Specialist from the Private Healthcare Awards 2021 and the 2020 Global Excellence Awards for the Most Outstanding Facial Sculpting Treatments. In addition, Dr. Nina was the Aesthetic Dentistry Awards 2018 winner in the Facial Aesthetics category – Full Facial Treatment and won Finalist in the Facial Aesthetics- Dermal Fillers category in 2019. In 2017 she was shortlisted as one of the best young dentists in the UK by the highly prestigious Dental Awards. This should serve as no surprise, however, as in 2008 she graduated as top of her year with distinction (BDS magna cum laude.) From there, she continued her education, receiving a diploma after completing a one-year postgraduate course in Cosmetic Dentistry and Aesthetic Restorative Dentistry in London. Dr. Nina now maintains memberships with the General Dental Council, SaveFace, The International Academy of Advanced Facial Aesthetics, and the Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners. She is perhaps best known for her vast media presence, having showcased her diverse skillset on a plethora of television shows. From E4’s Bodyfixers to This Morning on ITV, she has aided many with her advice and work, resolving botched treatments, providing cosmetic dentistry services, and supplying cosmetic expertise. Yet Facial Sculpting’s reach does not stop here – Dr. Nina and her work have been featured within a multitude of magazines, such as Forbes, Harvard, Metro, Tatler, The Times, Sunday Mirror, Thrive Global, and Adweek. Simply, there is no better choice for facial sculpting services. Facial Sculpting is a brand that has been built upon a wealth of skills, qualifications, and accolades, each contributing to the knowledge that infuses the company’s practices. Abiding by the philosophy ‘less is more,’ Facial Sculpting understands how to perfectly enhance the natural features, creating a gentle and subtle boost to the skin and face. Be it through fillers, or non-surgical lifts, Facial Sculpting provides the minimalistic tweaks that helps the client’s natural beauty to truly radiate. Contact: Nina Bal Company: Facial Sculpting Web Address: Boosting Natural Beauty Through Facial Sculpting Jan22204