GHP Q2 2022

13 GHP Q2 2022 Lindsay Lifescience is a super smart world-leading company developing lifesaving pointof-care medical devices. It values life, its aspiration being to develop technologies that enable people to better understand their bodies and know how to live life to the fullest with the greatest quality of health. Through the organisation’s research and products, it will be able to give everyone access to its lifesaving point-of-care medical devices. Rising Stars in Biomarker Monitoring Innovation 2022 indsay Lifescience is the innovator of a new era for pointof-care devices. Marc Lindsay the founder and President proudly states that the company is self-funded with a core of scientists and close associates who strive to make the world a better place, the company’s clinical research is commencing, from which it will be able to produce its first prototype. It also has consulting partners who offer some of the brightest minds in the world at its disposal. The company’s guiding principle is one of balance for its products, culture, and social impact. Dr. Hugh Napier a co-founder says that the revolutionary new patented technology, Vervtras was born from necessity to continuously monitor biomarkers. There are numerous extensions of Lindsay Lifescience’s technology with far reaching applications including tests for well-characterised biomarkers such as cardiac biomarkers (CARDIOVERV), cancer biomarkers (CANVERV), tropical diseases (TROPVERV), and biological agents (BIOVERV). Monitoring biomarkers is used to assess the progression of a disease, including new disease effects, worsening of previously existing abnormalities, or change in disease severity or specific abnormalities. Biomarkers are usually assessed repeatedly when there is interest in not only the measured value of the biomarker, but also in how it changes over time, the extent to the change, the relation of changes to the patient (e.g. genotype or demographic), or disease-related characteristics (e.g. disease severity, disease duration, and specific disease). Lindsay Lifescience’s highly motivated scientists led by Marc Lindsay are the brains who make the research and development possible. We solve highly complex and difficult biological problems integrated with the latest technology, possible through technology convergence. Using known gold standard protein biomarkers, they will detect the onset and progression of heart disease using the CARDIOVERV device, which is the first VERVTRAS smartpatch. Being the highly ambitious company that it is, Lindsay Lifescience’s 2022 goal is to complete its clinical trials and use the data to develop a world first point-of-care medical device prototype that will be an early warning to catch potential heart attacks before they cause harm to patients. Company: Lindsay Lifescience LLC Contact: Marc Lindsay Email: [email protected] Website: Tel : +1 435 355 9547 L Feb22033