GHP Q2 2022

14 GHP Q2 2022 Medicann’s clinics were the first local medicinal cannabis clinics to operate in the Channel Islands. The clinic and affiliated specialist doctors and professor, along with local pharmacists, have instilled seamless processes and protocols to enable eligible patients access to medicinal cannabis with relative ease. Best Medicinal Cannabis Clinic - UK edicann has successfully established both online and face-to-face consultations, bolstered by quality software for bookings and prescriptions requests, which provides optimum functionality online for its patients and of course, team. For a more traditional approach, some of the clinic’s patients prefer to speak to its team, so Medicann has telecommunication support for bookings and queries in both Jersey and Guernsey. Organisation, strategy and strong communications have always been key to Medicann’s operations. The exponential growth of the business, both in Jersey and subsequently, Guernsey, has shown that its nimble, robust and effective procedures work; its patients report positive feedback in terms of its services, GP support, treatment and products. It also has a patient-centric team who are dedicated and passionate about patients’ wellbeing. The process of prescribing patients medicinal cannabis treatment begins with a consultation with the Medicann team, where the requirements for treatment will be explained and the potential costs involved will be highlighted. This is the patient’s opportunity to ask any questions, and the team will assess their case to see if they may be a suitable candidate, before they see one of the clinic’s specialists. Next, a specialist doctor will assess the patient’s condition and determine whether they are suitable for treatment with medical cannabis. Although Medicann welcomes referrals from GPs, specialists and other clinics, referral is not necessary and patients can simply book a consultation directly with Medicann. All patients must complete a consent form prior to obtaining a prescription. Initial consultations are in-person at one of its clinics or at home if the patient is unable to attend the clinic. If the patient and their doctor decides that a medical cannabis treatment is suitable for them, a prescription will be provided and their GP will be notified. Medicann has a ‘start low, go slow approach’ in order to achieve symptom relief for patients at the lowest dose required. Medical cannabis can be prescribed orally as a capsule, oil or tincture, or as medical grade flower taken with a specialist vaporiser or even as a lotion, balm, oil or topical cream applied directly to the skin. The doctor will work closely with the patient to ensure they are confident taking their prescribed medical cannabis in the most effective way for their condition and symptoms. Cannabis supplements the body’s natural cannabis system, the endocannabinoid system. This system has an effect on memory, control of movement, modulation of pain, development of nerve growth and plasticity, and the adaptability of the nervous system. It also has an influence on sleep, appetite, anxiety, and social behaviour, as well as on the bladder, the bowels, the reproductive system, the heart, the hormonal and metabolic systems, and the control of cancer. There are natural chemicals circulating the body that attach cannabinoid receptors in the body, CB1 and CB2. Through this chemical attachment, the body’s endocannabinoid system performs its functions. Cannabis treatments supplement and assist the body’s natural circulation of cannabis-like chemicals. Patients who are eligible for treatment will be enrolled onto Medicann’s research programme to increase the knowledge base of results and for ongoing monitoring, to not only ensure their safety and that the treatment is working, but to also help make sure prescribing practices are continuously improved. Medicann is an independent, family-owned business that works with the remit of utmost professionalism and a great deal of empathy and understanding. Being borne in the Channel Islands means it understands the nuances of community and attention to detail. Its clinics aim to effectively communicate with and educate both its patients and the wider community to the potential benefits from a natural approach to wellness using medical cannabis. Company: Medicann Ltd Contact: Gary Whipp Email: [email protected] Website: M Jan22428 Medicann has successfully established both online and face-to-face consultations, bolstered by quality software for bookings and prescriptions requests, which provides optimum functionality online for its patients and of course, team.