GHP Q2 2022

18 GHP Q2 2022 The care that must be applied during skin medical enhancement procedures is incredibly important, with horror stories flying around the industry of injections that have gone wrong. The tireless efforts of Dr Sarita Sharma of Essex Sanctuary have gone a long way to creating an environment which avoids these traumatising events. In GHP’s rolling series of Global Excellence Awards, Essex Sanctuary was named Most Trusted Skin Clinic, 2022 – Essex. We take a closer look to discover why this success is more than skin deep. When it comes to skincare, cheap and quick fixes have becomemore and more commonplace over the years. Unfortunately, the choice to go for these options often leads to catastrophic consequences for the patient, with the media all too eager to publicise treatments going wrong and causing unintended side effects. When Dr Sarita Sharma first began her work at Essex Sanctuary, she knew she’d have to overcome the enormous challenge of public perception. Her background as a qualified dentist, with further hospital training in Oral Surgery and Restorative Dentistry really set the tone for a business that would put anatomy first and foremost. Those who are treating you should know in detail where is safe to inject in order to avoid important features. It ensures a level of care that goes beyond the aesthetic considerations. Being the best in every respect has driven Essex Sanctuary to its current state of success. This means doing the best, to be the best, to achieve the best for patients. This focus on their needs reflects the style of work that Dr Sharma does. She focuses not on reinventing people and changing them beyond recognition, but on enhancing the features that are already there. By embracing what is natural and elevating it, the team have been able to help many people feel more comfortable within themselves. Dr Sharma’s passion for the sector began in 2004, when she complemented and completed all her aesthetic dental cases with Botulinum toxin and Dermal Fillers. She continued this training to a masterclass level, and has been proud to continue pushing herself to the limits to this day. To her, education is not simply a means to an end, but a way of ensuring that the service she offers meets the high standards that the thousands of patients she has treated deserve to have. Whilst Botulinum toxin and Dermal Fillers form the bulk of her services, Dr Sharma is equally adept at her work in the field of non -surgical face lifts, treating skin conditions for anti-ageing as well as brow lifts, facial profile enhancement, skin tightening and solving jaw and dental problems to name but a few aspects. Her incredible skill has not only brought her immense success, but has ensured she will stay ahead of the curve when it comes to this specialist treatment. Over the years, Dr Sharma has achieved excellence through understanding the specifics of facial aesthetics. To her, it is more than a job. It’s a passion she feels incredibly strongly about. After fifteen years, the industry has changed enormously with new procedures and ways of working, but Dr Sharma has changed effortlessly with it. Her work remains, to many, at the forefront of how to operate. It’s little wonder she has managed to gain, and maintain, such a high level of trust from her thousands of patients. Company: Essex Sanctuary Name: Dr Sarita Sharma Email: [email protected] Skincare Specialist Secures Success Mar22333