GHP Q2 2022

20 GHP Q2 2022 Established nearly a decade ago by a team of regenerative medicine experts, DefenAge was built on a foundation of their anti-aging discovery, which is now the heart and soul of its formulas.Working hard to share this breakthroughwith asmany people as possible,DefenAge firmly believes that it’s only a matter of time that because of this innovative formula, it will become the number one recognized anti-aging skincare company for all skin types. This is a natural prediction for the company’s future as it has been honored as the Most Outstanding Anti-Aging Skincare Brand of 2022. Redefining Beauty in Age efenAge is an American based company whose main priority is its customers and their needs. To put them first, the company was established on a foundation of honesty and transparency to excel in every way it can to raise standards within the beauty industry. Moreover, the entire DefenAge product line is endorsed by dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and medical professionals. It is also used by them as well – a tried and tested method beloved by the world’s most trusted professionals. “Dermatologists widely recommend DefenAge’s products as a high-performing, anti-aging cosmetic skincare for visible skin rejuvenation and as a safe alternative to retinol. In addition, DefenAge exceeds Clean Beauty standards, and its products have never been tested on animals,” explains Christy Ortiz, Director of Digital Marketing. DefenAge Skincare retails online on the brand’s website, and through dermatologist and aesthetic surgeons, med spas and other aesthetic service providers. DefenAge is used by skincare enthusiasts who pursue emerging skincare brands, are interested in beauty products and the aesthetics market. “We set out to formulate conscious skincare products that work across different skin types also taking into consideration gender-neutrality, to reset the narrative that consumers should be using separate products in their daily routines,” explains Christy. Aligning with the needs of consumers, DefenAge uses sciencebacked products that are currently trending higher than natural skincare products – by doing so, DefenAge has an edge on the competition. Christy says, “What sets DefenAge apart is our proprietary formulations that are ideal for all skin types in that they spark a regenerative process within your own body to produce cellular turnover producing a fresher appearance and more youthful glow. Our products are backed by extensive scientific research that not only produce amazing results to create healthy looking skin, but they’re made with the highest-quality ingredients that exceed clean beauty standards.” Moreover, what keeps DefenAge relevant and innovative is its Defensins formula which is proprietary to its product line. This formula is exciting and unique because it triggers a molecular response to individuals’ skin that allows new skin cells to regenerate independently. Therefore, the product is able to create soft and hydrated new skin that people across the world have tried, trusted and fallen in love with. “It acts as a retinol-alternative for those with skin sensitivities, are sensitive to sunlight or may be pregnant. It also complements retinol-based products to enhance results,” explains Christy. In addition to this, facial plastic surgeon, Dr Gregory Keller, MD, FACS, describes the product and the company, adding, “Extended research proves that Defensin-molecules naturally awaken dormant skin cells and spark a targeted, wound-healing regenerative response to produce new skin and deliver a treatment-calibre of cosmetic results with topicals alone. This is the only known and proven mechanism to create young skin via activating a dormant resource in your own body.” DefenAge products are incredibly versatile and exceptional due to the fact that they can be used in conjunction with other favorite products. “DefenAge products can be used on their own—a huge relief to people who simply can’t tolerate retinols—or combined with retinols for a skincare double-whammy. In fact, because the two ingredients work at different cellular levels entirely, DefenAge can be used alongside almost any other skincare products on the market, including not only retinols but also vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and growth factors,” Christy tells us. DefenAge plans to continue its successful stance within the industry by educating skincare enthusiasts with its new skincare technology of Defensin-molecules. These specially discovered and designed molecules work together with an individual’s molecular skin structure to activate new skin turnover. Because of this, DefenAge is able to ensure visible results that can overcome the associated look of premature aging. With a product so widely trusted, it is no surprise that the company has been accredited as the Most Outstanding Anti-Aging Skincare Brand, 2022 – with plans to be the number one provider globally. Company Name: DefenAge Contact Name: Christy Ortiz Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected] D Mar22344