GHP Q2 2022

27 GHP Q2 2022 Established as a biotech company with exceptional intellect in measuring cellular forces – specifically concerning stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes – innoVitro has been regarded as Germany’s Most Innovative In Vitro Technology Company. Discussing the company’s outstanding efforts in the industry Matthias Gossmann, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company, explains the concepts, offerings and overall foundation of innoVitro’s aims. Most Innovative In Vitro Technology Company - Germany aunched as a spin-off biotech company from the University of Applied Sciences in Aachen, innoVitro is founded as a Contract Research Organisation (CRO) that aims to provide preclinical cardiac safety and toxicity screening services specialised in contraction force analysis of cardiomyocytes with human induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) origin. The overall aim of innoVitro is to tackle one of the most common issues of new therapeutics in the drug development pipeline worldwide - cardiovascular side effects. The high costs and enormous time that goes into developing a new therapeutic are improved by innoVitro and its incredible team. This means fast human relevant results earlier in the development process. Conventional drug development is highly dependent on animal testing, which costs a significant amount of money and raises an unprecedented number of ethical concerns among public opinion. Therefore, innoVitro was established – a solution and service provider for preclinical cardiac risk assessment based on the FLEXcyte technology in combination with human (iPSC) heartmuscle cells to provide an alternative to animal experiments. Matthias Gossmann, CEO of the company, expands on this point, stating, “Our screening service fulfils a modern need by complementing mandatory nonclinical cardiac risk evaluation with a human-based screening assay for a safer transition of new therapeutics into the clinical stage. Our screening replaces regular animal models with low throughput and limited translation to human data (The Langendorff Heart Model). It is based on the FLEXcyte 96 technology, a unique plate that contains elastic membranes instead of rigid plastic or glass surfaces to mimic the physiological conditions of the heart. Regular cell culture plates do not provide such an environment and therefore impede further maturation of iPSC-derived cells in vitro. “ By this means using innoVitro’s FLEXcyte technology provides the paramount solution for pharma and biotech businesses to bypass ethically questionable usage of animals while achieving high throughput human-relevant data. Due to its innate connection to health and science, innoVitro’s clients are primarily and understandably linked to safety and toxicology departments of big and medium pharma and biotech companies dedicated to developing new therapeutics for various diseases. Additionally, innoVitro works closely with researchers from other drug discovery phases to address cardiac relevant questions earlier in the drug development process with the FLEXcyte 96 screening service. Concerning the innovative technology used to produce its solutions, innoVitro can be regarded for its unique dedication. With that, it is well-established within the industry – standing out from potential competitors. Expanding on this point, Matthias explains its unique selling point by saying, “Each compound in the drug development pipeline is tested regarding potential side effects on the heart, which is why preclinical cardiac risk evaluation is crucial. Unfortunately, animal models like the Langendorff Heart were used for many decades because the industry lacked a modern assay system involving cells of human origin and higher throughput, saving time and costs. The 96-well FLEXcyte 96 technology is the only system that unites higher throughput and human-based cells in a new cardiac standard assay for preclinical drug development. Other cell-based assays like 3D cell culture or impedance-based technologies either lack the throughput or the physiological environment.” Research and development are an integral and founding factor for the organisation, and therefore innoVitro is passionately dedicated to improving and increasing its innovation. Matthias finishes with his final additions, telling us, “This includes FLEXcyte 96 relevant developments like the establishment and analysis of smooth muscle cells and other contractile cell types and the immersion into other research fields in the near future.” Highly regarded as Germany’s Most Innovative In Vitro Technology Company, innoVitro is enhancing the drug development process for healthcare companies across the globe with its revolutionary technology. With a continuous thirst for success, 2022 and beyond is lucky to have the working efforts of innoVitro and its team. Company: innoVitro GmbH Name: Matthias Gossmann Email: [email protected] Web Address: L Mar22048