GHP Q2 2022

28 GHP Q2 2022 Based in Landrum, South Carolina, FlackTek SpeedMixer® has been regarded as the Most Innovative Cannabis Technology Platform of 2021. The FlackTek SpeedMixer® provides users with ultra-fast mixing, degassing, and no clean-up for a range of materials thick to thin, powder to semi-solids. Moreover, FlackTek SpeedMixer® delivers the highest standards in supplies and accessories across a broad range of industry needs from research and development to production, training, technical services, and exceptional customer support. Most Innovative Cannabis Technology Platform 2021 he FlackTek SpeedMixer® is a manufacturing platform that utilizes dual asymmetric centrifugal technology for top-quality homogenizing, solvent removal, grinding, formulating and more in a single machine. Staying centred to its commitment to supporting local jobs and communities, its design and manufacturing work is done within the USA in a uniquely located state-of-the-art facility next to the Rocky Mountains. Within this facility, FlackTek SpeedMixer® can develop the best and most advanced mixers on the market. It does so efficiently and effectively by leveraging decades worth of mixing knowledge combined with the highest grade nationally sourced parts. Together, this combination enables FlackTek SpeedMixers® to uphold the highest quality standards, reputation and recognition for mixing performance and service across the USA and within individual markets. The company services over 40 industries from aerospace and cosmetics to food and pharmaceuticals, and everything in between including cannabis. “Utilized in extraction labs and production kitchens, our cannabis clients need fast, repeatable, simple, and improved quality for their end-products. The SpeedMixer can benefit any extraction or kitchen lab in meeting those most rigorous standards. With our top-of-the-line equipment and technical support, we set ourselves apart, and our clients get to reap the benefits. With the help of SpeedMixer they’re able to create a diverse array of products such as budders/badders, live resin, infused flower, vape formulations, edibles, emulsions, and more” explains Ted Reynolds, Director of Cannabis Business Development. In fact, for FlackTek SpeedMixer® the most significant success factor is in how it helps companies surpass traditionally accepted standards of quality across all parts of their business, from research and development to production and manufacturing, to customer service - this is incredibly important in a nascent industry like cannabis. Moreover, FlackTek SpeedMixer® is highly regarded for its attention to detail across every part of the machine configuration process, from model selection and implementation to supply orders and billing. But unlike some businesses, FlackTek SpeedMixer® doesn’t stop once the order is complete. Its commitment to providing exceptional service makes its customers feel valued, supported and understood throughout their contact with the company. This includes FlackTek SpeedMixer’s field team, which travels across the country visiting interested parties to do free on-site demonstrations and provide invaluable preventative maintenance for its customers. Each member of the team is also a technical expert who can assist and support customers across industries, ready to help them with a range of mixing problems and their ability to guarantee exceptional results for their own customers. Overall, FlackTek SpeedMixer® provides best-in-class technical expertise that optimizes its client’s production speed, repeatability, and quality. Ted explains it as follows, “At our core, we care about providing real solutions for production and mixing problems. Our passion for providing top-notch solutions has played a major role in the success of SpeedMixer in cannabis and all industries we are in. With lifetime technical support for every client, we become their long-haul partners in success.” Ted handles several cannabis-specific accounts across the USA and has been regarded at the company, and within the industry, as one of the industry’s earliest adopters – pioneering the use of SpeedMixer for cannabis applications. Initially, Ted was focused on formulating water-soluble and nanoemulsion products. While doing so, he discovered the benefits and advantages that the SpeedMixer delivers through insights that produce superior results over traditional research and development and production methods. But it’s more than just the machine itself. As Ted explains, “Our staff play a critical role in the success of our company. From our sales engineers and chemists who educate each customer about the technology, to our assembly and office teams who ensure the highest levels of execution, cohesion is a critical component. We believe in what we do, and it shows throughout every part of our rapidly growing company.” For now, the company is doing what it’s always done, looking into the future to improve its technology and innovate its platform. “Cannabis has already driven several technology innovations for SpeedMixer and will continue to do so,” says Ted. Revelling in its honor of becoming the Most Innovative Cannabis Technology Platform 2021, 2022 is already paving the way for even more advancements made possible by FlackTek SpeedMixer®. Company Name: FlackTek SpeedMixer® Contact Name: Ted Reynolds Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected] T Jan22449