GHP Q2 2022

29 GHP Q2 2022 Be it with the NHS or private healthcare, the patient should always come first. HCA Healthcare UK prioritises this above all else, and out of this passion for care, the HCA UK Concierge Centre was born. Through this service, patients can receive support when they need it, how they need it, without long waiting times. Founded in 2020 by Annabelle Neame, an experienced director of healthcare service innovations and business development, the HCA UK Concierge Centre serves as a place where all medical needs can be addressed and navigated no matter how complex or difficult. Neame possesses an extensive background within the healthcare industry, in which she worked in clinical practice and management, both in the NHS and private sector, for more than 30 years. After undertaking a vast amount of research, Neame discovered that the pathways into private treatment were overly complex and failed to consider the patient. Henceforth, the HCA UK Concierge Centre was created. Located in Marylebone, the epicentre of London’s medical district, the HCA UK Concierge Centre is London’s first and only medical concierge CQC-registered centre and it acts as the single point of contact for all HCA Healthcare UK hospitals. Consequently, it maintains an around the clock service, providing a team to answer enquiries 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Providing a patient-centric service, the HCA UK Concierge Centre promises that each person that passes through its doors will be met with an unparalleled speed of access, outstanding customer service, and a streamlined admissions process to a HCA Healthcare UK hospital. Moreover, its team are equipped to provide a full-service, from an initial consultation, to diagnosis, and beyond. The patient can also expect to receive consistent, personalised support supplied by the HCA UK Concierge Centre’s Clinical Nurse Advisors, who follow the patient throughout their medical journey and provide them with prompt access to a consultant. Its team is integral to its success – they exude passion and care, embodying HCA Healthcare UK’s mission statement, ‘Above all else, we are committed to the care and improvement of human life.’ Benefitting from an abundance of experience, the team is able to provide wholly bespoke and personalised care. In essence, they endeavour to make the patient experience seamless, guiding the patient down a suitable treatment pathway. The team are united by the same goal – to ensure that their patients receive exemplary care. The Concierge Centre offers a 24/7 Rapid Response Referral service to admit complex, time-critical cases to an HCA Healthcare UK hospital. Equipped to undertake such cases due to its established care systems, the concierge centre team works in collaboration with the referral team in order to place patients in a hospital that best fits their needs. In addition, thanks to its 24-hour service, the company is able to respond to all health enquiries in under an hour. Wait times are drastically reduced through this service, enabling patients to access care in a swift and efficient manner – HCA Healthcare UK believes that patients should not have to wait weeks upon weeks to receive a referral or treatment. To bolster this impressive standard of customer service further, the HCA UK Concierge Centre, in partnership with the Charles Taylor Assistance, is able to facilitate international transfers for critically ill patients. In 2021, the partnership organised the transfer of patients from over 47 countries, including eight red list countries, to HCA Healthcare UK hospitals for high-quality, specialist care. For example, one of its cases involved the team assisting with a Londonbased embassy during the aftermath of an earthquake in Eastern Europe to medivac a critically ill and pregnant patient to London to receive specialist care and, ultimately, give birth safely. Not only does the HCAUK Concierge Centre organise transfers from overseas, but it also aids in the transfer of patients throughout the UK. It specialises in private ambulance transfers for patients who are currently admitted to a UK hospital – NHS or private – who want to complete their care in a HCA Healthcare UK facility. Over the past year, the HCA UK Concierge Centre has facilitated the move of 70 NHS patients. The HCA UK Concierge Centre is part of HCA Healthcare UK, a leading private healthcare provider. HCA Healthcare UK has been awarded a higher proportion of Outstanding ratings from the Care Quality Commission than any other private hospital group in the UK, receiving total of 15 Outstanding facilities and 13 Good locations. It prides itself on its continuous investment into the betterment of its facilities and has therefore become the largest provider of robotic surgery in the independent sector, boasting a fleet of seven da Vinci Surgical Systems across five of its hospitals. As the world recovers from the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the HCA UK Concierge Centre is increasing the number of its team members in order to meet the rising demands for its services. Furthermore, the HCA UK Concierge Centre plans to expand its services to the North of England to enable wider access to its hospitals for new patients. Indeed, the HCA UK Concierge Centre’s primary goal is to continue offering a premier service to its patients. Contact: Megan Field Company: HCA Healthcare UK Concierge Centre Web Address: Best Healthcare Concierge Service - Greater London Mar22427