GHP Q2 2022

Contents 4. News 8. Hair Transplant Solutions: Fully Chaperoned Istanbul Hair Transplant Services 9. JobsPivot: Most Innovative Job Seeking Platform - Southeast Asia 10. Mill Hill Dental Practice: Best Holistic Dental Practice - North London 11. Facial Sculpting: Boosting Natural Beauty Through Facial Sculpting 12. Secret Rose Limited: The Company Revolutionising Dermal Fillers 13. Lindsay Lifescience LLC: Rising Stars in Biomarker Monitoring Innovation 2022 14. Medicann Ltd: Best Medicinal Cannabis Clinic - UK 15. Northern Institute for Facial Aesthetics: Training the Aestheticians of the Future 16. Peonia Medical: Breaking Down the Barrier Between Eastern and Western Aesthetic Treatments 18. Essex Sanctuary: Skincare Specialist Secures Success 19. Mahrukh Khwaja: Healthcare Start-up Tackling the Mental Health Crisis 20. DefenAge: Redefining Beauty in Age 21. Banning Dental Group: Leading Affordable Private Dentist, 2022 - London 22. Irwin & Associates, Inc.: Medical Device Consulting Firm Placing Excellence First 23. Clearwax Ltd: Ear Wax Removal Specialists 24. Aerolase: The Wound Closure Solution of the Future 25. Pathelen Health Care AG: Accomplishments To Smile About 26. Live Your Worth Ltd: Yingli Wang: Mother-Daughter Relationship Coach & Therapist 27. innoVitro GmbH: Most Innovative In Vitro Technology Company - Germany 28. FlackTek SpeedMixer®: Most Innovative Cannabis Technology Platform 2021 29. HCA Healthcare UK Concierge Centre: Best Healthcare Concierge Service - Greater London 30. Professor Firas Al-Niaimi: Worldwide Skincare Excellence 32. TRESTLE Compliance LLC: Best Life Science Commercial Business Compliance Firm - USA 33. DermapenWorld: World-leading Microneedling Products 34. Chrysalis Finance Limited: Most Innovative Patient Payment Solutions Company 2022 35. Institute of Health Economics: Seeking Solutions through Evidence and Economics 36. Empsy Ltd: Best Mental Health Coaching Consultancy - East of England 37. by Sofi Bajor: The Healthcare Industry is Moving Away from Animal Testing 38. SICGEN - Antibodies: Antibody Innovators Secure Success 39. Aesthetic Surgery Centre Dr Žgaljardić: Art & Science