GHP Q2 2022

33 GHP Q2 2022 Serving as the Most Trusted Microneedling Pen & Skin Treatment Device Provider, 2022 – Australia, DermapenWorld is a global phenomenon. Its unique Dermapen products have taken the world by storm, being sold in over 70 different countries, and used in over 10,000 professional clinics worldwide. World-leading Microneedling Products quipmed, DermapenWorld’s parent company, was established in Australia in 1976. The company’s mission – which it upholds to this day – was to assist its customers in building a profitable business. Henceforth, by turning its attention to innovation, Equipmed has found new ways to create sustainable medical businesses through the use of ground-breaking technologies. As such, Equipmed has grown into a globally renowned independent distributor of medical equipment. However, its story does not end here. In 2010, Equipmed’s CEO, Stene Marshall, made an important discovery when he came across a special technology. Utilising a team of highlyprofessional developers and engineers, the company gave life to the Dermapen, which is now recognised as the gold standard in microneedling technology. To support this new release, DermapenWorld was created, and as of 2022, there are over 10,000 Dermapen clinics internationally. Indeed, the Dermapen has now entered its fourth incarnation and has acquired numerous esteemed awards. The product has elevated the Dermapen series to another level – one in which users can expect faster treatment times, greater efficiency, and efficacy. Featuring a 16-needle cartridge that delivers 1,920 micro channels per second, the Dermapen 4 boasts anti-contamination management technology and EO Gas-sterilized, medical-grade stainless steel needles. These elements are only suitable for the unique device, which has become one of the most trusted microneedling pens in the world. On top of its excellent Dermapen range, in 2012, DermapenWorld the company delved into the world of skincare, resulting in the flagship Dp Dermaceuticals product. The company now maintains an extensive skincare range that is filled with products such as cleansers, exfoliants, masks, and foundations. Such products compliment the company’s Dermapen treatments, promising a youthful, glowing complexion. In essence, not only are they designed to benefit the skin’s health, but they will also cultivate excellent results for the appearance. A further product release came in 2017, when the company’s Dermapen HOME was launched to an international audience. The world’s top professionals had come to learn how impressive the Dermapen’s treatments were, and therefore, the demand for complimentary products had grown exponentially. The Dermapen HOME was created to fulfil this need, amplifying salon-created results by enabling the consumer to perform microneedling procedures safely from their own home. The company has since grown a ‘cult-following’ of professionals and consumers across almost 70 different countries, with major distribution centres located in the USA, the Netherlands, and Australia. In addition, DermapenWorld’s social media pages have exploded, with 40,500 likes on its Facebook page and 2,228 Instagram followers. Therefore, it is unsurprising that its clients have a lot to say – ‘Dermapen treatments are like nothing I have ever seen before. The results are visible after just one treatment. I have never used much in the line of beauty products, but the DP Dermacuticals and the Dermapen 4 treatments have me shouting out about it to everyone that listens.... and those that don’t. AMAZING!’ writes Cindy James. To conclude, DermapenWorld is a leading company that provides exceptional skin treatment products to an international clientele. 2022 is expected to bring the company continued success as its innovations continue to exceed expectations. Be it for the reduction of wrinkles, rosacea, or problematic skin, DermapenWorld is sure to have the perfect solution. Company: DermapenWorld Web Address: E Apr22170