GHP Q2 2022

34 GHP Q2 2022 Established in 2014, Chrysalis Finance Limited is the UK’s largest and most experienced patient payment solutions company. It is the UK’s only healthcare provider, enabling it to manage clients’ compliance with all of the Consumer Credit regulations. Its ethical lending solutions for elective procedures are delivered in partnership, providing it with the financial resource expected from a leading UK financial institution. Most Innovative Patient Payment Solutions Company 2022 ost people in the UK have access to less than £2,000 in immediate cash available to them at one time, and many will make significant purchases using credit card or overdraft facilities. Should any of these individuals one day require medical care that goes outside of their price range, they wouldn’t have any choice but to use one of these methods or go without. A solution for this is patient finance, which is not just for people who cannot afford it, but it is for people who see the benefit of using patient finance company, Chrysalis Finance, rather than their credit card or bank – and 98.3% of the UK population fits this profile. Chrysalis Finance seeks to help out patients who are looking for a payment plan to help them in accessing treatment. It is no longer necessary to use your savings to pay for treatment – with Chrysalis Finance, patients can apply to spread the cost of their healthcare interest-free, using its simple application process. There are no lengthy forms to fill out and it is a straightforward yet effective processing platform which enables electronic application to be completed in clinics or in the comfort of the patient’s own home. The patient will then receive full payment within 48 hours of starting their treatment. The company provides its service to patients with the help of over 3,000 medical and dental clinic partners, including the NHS, Nuffield Health, and Circle Healthcare. It can put patients in touch with the best dental clinic or private medical treatment provider for their treatment and support them to ethically afford the world-class treatments they receive. Chrysalis Finance’s specialist team can set partner clinics up on the platform as quickly as the next day, and it has the ability to integrate with most medical and dental software systems. The platform is proactive and has the benefit of prompting the clinical team to discuss appropriate payment options at key stages of the treatment plan or care pathway – which no other provider can do. Ultimately, Chrysalis Finance is the market leader, with its innovative solution providing patients with access to treatments that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to. Patients no longer have to part with their savings to receive the medical care they need. Chrysalis Finance takes all that stress away. Company: Chrysalis Finance Limited Email: [email protected] Website: M Feb22015