GHP Q2 2022

36 GHP Q2 2022 Empsy® is an award-winning leading social enterprise in empowerment psychology offering the highest quality services in psychology, coaching, consulting and training to individuals, organisations and communities. Empsy® is a network of diverse business and community consultants and professionals around the globe who use coaching psychology to empower each other as members, customers and the community to achieve the highest of aspirations. It is a community that values diversity in people, respects cultures, and believes in equal opportunities for all. Empsy® embraces this value in everything it does, with compassion and commitment to its socioenvironmental responsibility. For more than 18 years, Empsy® has helped people to make positive and significant differences (P+SD) locally and globally, by leveraging impact on a larger scale. The network as a whole is a social enterprise that is non-profit, with all profits being used to ensure that the organisation is sustainable and achieves its socioenvironmental objectives for the benefits of its community and the wider society. Empsy® works with members and the community to share part of their hopes and dreams. It provides the know-how to make it happen, and together, skills and knowledge are developed to help transform shared dreams into reality. In other words, Empsy® provides total coaching psychology support for its members and customers to help improve their business turnover and enrich their lives and communities. The services it offers are wideranging, including coaching, mentoring, supervision, training, and business development. The organisation provides an initial assessment to members help clarify their visions; understand their personal signature strengths and business opportunities that theworld could offer; opportunities to help them gain new business via wider social and business network; opportunities to help them acquire the world-class knowledge and techniques in coaching psychology that can readily be applied to individual personal and business situations; opportunities to train and become an accredited coach with practising license to integrate coaching as part of business and professional development; and continuous professional development opportunities via high quality one-to-one, e-coaching and group training. Empsy® is searching and calling for champions and dreamers of the world – leaders, gamechangers and pacesetters. Together, it knows how to make dreams come true. Together, it can make the world a better place for all. Empsy® members benefit from being able to connect and collaborate with people with diverse skills, knowledge and experiences; an organisation with flexibility and no hierarchies; a platform with the freedom to express aspirations and creativity; a virtual space with the freedom to decide when to work, where to work, and what to do; and much more. Being an inclusive and exclusive business community network, people from diverse cultures and backgrounds with well-defined knowledge, skills and experience are welcomed. Some of Empsy®’s members are professional practitioners and/or community leaders with years of experience in business, industries and communities. Membership is by invitation only, and to enrol in the accreditation coaching programme, applicants must first become a member and demonstrate their capacity to learn, i.e. have the necessary knowledge, skills and experience in their defined area of practice. For further information, please get in touch with Empsy® via email. Company: Empsy Ltd Contact: Ho Law Email: [email protected] Website: Best Mental Health Coaching Consultancy - East of England Mar22459