GHP Q2 2022

40. Butterfield Osteopathy: The Osteopathic Care Experts for Community Health 41. Rehasense UK 42. Juvida Clinics: Replenishing Hair and Rejuvenating Confidence 46. The SkinDNA Company Pty Ltd: Skin In The Game 47. Éirim: Educational Psychologists of the Year - Republic of Ireland 48. Fortress Diagnostics: Advanced Diagnostics for an Advancing Industry 49. Dr Sharon’s Facial Aesthetics: Achieve a Glow, Non-Invasively 50. Kavi Global: Most Comprehensive Pure Play Data & Analytics Company - Illinois 51. FaceRestoration: Helping You To Glow, Inside and Out 52. Medicash Healthcare: Health Comes First 53. IHI Care Services: Care And Comfort 56. Empsy Ltd: Leading the Sexual Revolution 57. TruStem Cell Therapy: TruStem Cell Superiority 58. SpryLyfe: Breath Of Life 59. MMS Holdings: Supporting Projects with Advanced Data 60. Tikvah Lake Recovery: Best Luxury Personalized Rehab Center - Florida 61. Tikvah Lake Recovery: Addiction Experts Secure Success 62. Tivic Health: Shocks To The System 63. Cosmetic Tattoo Clinic: Semi-Permanent Ways to Enhance Natural Beauty 64. Your Baby Scan Ltd: Making Memories 65. Sleep Baby Bliss: Best Youth Mental Health First Aider (London): Pascale Rochefeuille 66. Be Happy Again: A Light, Undimmed 67. Blended Counselling Practice: Most Dedicated Counselling Service - Brighton & Hove 68. Glooko: Invaluable Technology for Great Health, On the Go 69. Evo Sports Qatar: Sport for Everyone 70. Kent Imaging Inc.: Pioneering The Future of Effective Wound Care Solutions 72. Concierge Psychology: Mental Health On Hand 73. Winners’ Listings Contents