GHP Q2 2022

44 its professionals that avoids any sunk-cost fallacy, allowing the client and the team to meet each other on a truly honest and transparent level that lays out all the options for the client before they are asked for their decision. Meticulous, budget-friendly, and reputable, its efforts have preceded it across several spaces, allowing it to become the hair transplant option of choice for A-listers and celebrities across a myriad of fields. With a simple yet effective philosophy of doing what is best for the client and believing that only the client can make the final choice on what the best thing for them is, it delivers outstanding service every time, working hard for every person who walks through its doors in order to help them leave with their head held high. Specifically, one of the many clinical options that Juvida provides to its clients is the FUE treatment – Follicular Unit Extraction treatment – that is one of the foremost treatments in the industry and most popular amongst its clientele. Although the name sounds intimidating, Juvida Clinics wishes to impress upon a client that it is not. Many individuals all around the world have undergone this treatment with great success and to the tune of impeccable, long-lasting results, and Juvida is one of the best around to deliver such a thing. Therefore, it hopes that it can put its clients’ mind at ease by telling them all about this incredibly successful treatment. It involves administering a local anaesthetic before making a circular incision around a follicular unit in the donor area. The hair unit is then removed from the skin using forceps, before being transplanted to the area that requires additional growth, creating small holes in the recipient areas through which the follicle units are them reinserted. Post-operative hair growth will occur for up to 12 months after the surgery has been completed, and Juvida will then do everything in its power to ensure that the results given by the FUE transplants have a highly tailored and natural finish that resembles the client’s perfect hairline. The hair will then be ready to be cared for in the client’s usual manner, and Juvida hopes that with its dedication to answering questions honestly and transparently, its careful and meticulous processes, and its charismatic and knowledgeable staff, that it can provide its patients with everything they need to make the choice to pursue treatment or not. After all, it understands that such a procedure is a big commitment, and it wishes to encourage the deepest senses of relaxation, comfort, and confidence throughout the information gathering, procedure, and healing process. It will, additionally, always be on call throughout the year following the treatment to answer any questions, comments, or concerns that a client may have. ARTAS, another one of its key services, works by way of robotic machinery, developed to perform the FUE procedure with maximum efficiency and expertise, minimising human error and maximising the precision of the treatment down to the tiniest measurement. At the very fore of innovation for machinery, robotics, and hair transplant technology, is has recently also incorporated Kim Kardashian’s ‘vampire treatment’ into itself as an additional service, offering the platelet-rich-plasma therapy that has proven its use in hair loss treatments as well as for youthful skin. This solution, over time, can encourage the growth of thicker, healthier, more youthful looking hair, taking blood from a donor area and injecting it at the site of hair loss. This allergy-free treatment is extremely safe, non-invasive, and recommended in a course of 8 sessions, after which a client should be able to see encouraged hair growth in the problem region and benefit from the replenishment of the damaged follicles. Of course, this procedure is highly dependant on individual variables, but it is one that Juvida is happy to pursue with its clientele should they wish it. Another key procedure it offers is semi-permanent scalp micropigmentation, in which a kind of ‘surgical tattooing’ takes place, giving the illusion of full hair follicles on the scalp where there are none. Perfect for covering up scars, imperfections, and other blemishes around the hairline, it is again, noninvasive, although again the suitability of this treatment will depend on the medical profile of the patient in question, as it takes care to ensure that every procedure it provides is safe, effective, and appropriate. Moreover, soon to be in position to purchase yet another innovation for its clinic in the NEOGRAFT machine, its dedication to growth shows no signs of stopping. Something that will help reinforce Juneva’s commitment to its clientele, the NEOGRAFT is a highly advanced piece of machinery, the inclusion of which would make Juneva the only clinic in Europe with access to such a thing. Excited to bring this and many further innovations, developments, and procedures on board soon, it will continue to bolster its guarantee of exemplary results and top-of-the-line solutions, creating beautiful heads of hair that boost confidence and reintroduce vitality into its clients’ lives. Looking forward to the developments that are surely ahead of it, Juneva has become one of the clinics shaping the future of cosmetic procedures, and it advises clients to ‘watch this space’ in order to be the first in line to reap the rewards. Company: Juvida Clinics Contact: Ash Juvida Website: “Nominally, this is what allows it to live up to the pedigree alluded to in its naming conventions. With ‘Juve’ alluding to youthfulness and ‘Vida’ meaning life, the combination of the two principles forges the motivation behind Juvida’s entire business model, as it hopes to give its clients hair a renewed youthfulness and a whole new lease of life that will allow them to leave the clinic with a spring in their step.”