GHP Q2 2022

46 GHP Q2 2022 When it comes to ageing, our skin is one of the more obvious areas that needs to be cared for.The team behind SkinDNA take a deep dive into the very genetics that make up this part of our bodies to uncover the secrets that can keep us looking younger for longer. In GHP’s Biotechnology Awards 2022, the teamwere named Biotech Beauty Company of the Year 2022. We dig a little deeper to discover the reasons behind their success. Since being founded in 2009, the team at SkinDNA have become world leaders in the field of predictive skin ageing. Their incredible record when it comes to research, scientific advancement and clinical product recommendations has brought them a great deal of kudos within the industry. Now, a decade on since inception, the team are continuing to broaden their considerable base within the industry. The origins of SkinDNAgo back to one man, Stefan Mazy. During his formative years working alongside leading dermatologists, doctors and industry professionals, he found himself asking why they made the choices they did. Why did were certain products recommended over others? Why do some patients present with advanced ageing whilst others did not? And why was there no research that could corroborate any of the viewpoints on the subject? With no answers, Stefan decided to find them himself. The path he took led to the development of the SkinDNA® genetic test, the company’s proprietary and award-winning technology. It is internationally regarded, powering more than 70% of all DNA skin health tests for cosmetic and skincare brands worldwide. The result is not only one of the most influential tests in the world, but the generation of one of the largest derma genetics/lifestyle interaction databases. This incredible source of data feeds what the company does in order to secure further successes in the future. As a business that depends greatly on the wellness industry, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced a change of thinking in how the team operates. The rise of telehealth services and at-home diagnosis tests has opened up new opportunities to this sector, with the aesthetics industry adopting more DNA testing in order to engage with their patients via telehealth systems. Since first opening their doors, the team at SkinDNA has been proud to set the standard for the work that they do. While many have tried to imitate their success, none have succeeded in their attempts. As such, it has been possible for the team to license their technology and work collaboratively with their competition. As such, the industry as a whole has been able to benefit. The team’s innovative mindset has not diminished either, over the years. Already, plans are in place to develop new technologies that will assist in the expansion of the SkinDNA brand. Project R, their latest and still top-secret development, is one such invention which is already set to revolutionise the way in which consumers measure the health of their skin. There are some companies which settle for what they can find. SkinDNA has always thrived because it continues to ask the same question it always has: Why? With such curiosity and tenacity driving them forward, this is a team certain to flourish for many years to come. Company: The SkinDNA Company Pty Ltd Name: Stefan Mazy Email: [email protected] Web Address: Skin In The Game Feb22071