GHP Q2 2022

48 GHP Q2 2022 Fortress Diagnostics, recently named ‘2022’s Award for Excellence in Advanced Medical Testing Solutions’ for the UK, has been serving the international medical market since the year 2000. With a healthy online footprint and a dedication to improving its wider industry with continually more innovation diagnostic kits and solutions, its work comes with a certain standard of unmatched quality assurance, as well as client support before, during, and after distributors have received their products. Advanced Diagnostics for an Advancing Industry ortress Diagnostics, a global provider of in-vitro diagnostics – IVD – is a developer, manufacturer, and supporter when it comes to its vast portfolio of clinical diagnostics tests. Operating out of its ISO13485:2016 accredited facility in the UK, this leader of global distribution has become this way through securing itself a network of exemplary international partners in the medical industry, to whom it provides highly accurate and welltested medical diagnostic kits. Serving the world’s immunology, haematology, and serological teams across the world’s hospitals, medical centres, clinics, blood banks, and research institutes, it has connections in over 100 different countries. With a range of clinical chemistry reagents, as well as its immunoassay ELISA product, haemostasis, blood grouping, latex serology, and more, its vast diversity of products ensures its clinical clients have access to a range of solutions to fit the challenges they may be facing. Nominally, its skilled research team and empathic distribution staff ensure that highly accurate medical testing of all kinds make it where it needs to be, on time, and within budget. Each of these, all IVD in nature, have a proven product performance pedigree, as well as the backing of years of extensive research and development. Fundamentally, before a product can even leave the lab, it is subjected to the most rigorous quality assurance, allergen, and safety tests, allowing Fortress Diagnostics to earn the ISO13485 for quality management since its establishment at the turn of the century. Moreover, its products also come with an in-built support network, as it provides technical support and training to each of its distributors in order to ensure the health of the wider medical industry in the macro scale. In the future, it looks forward to improving this alongside the innovations of its industry, increasing access to the best medical diagnostic treatments for medical institutes all over the world. Company: Fortress Diagnostics Contact: Rebekah Winsbury Website: F Mar22112