GHP Q2 2022

49 GHP Q2 2022 Dr Sharon’s Facial Aesthetics, led by Dr Sharon herself, is a facial aesthetic clinic that is making a difference to people’s lives through its innovative treatments and outstanding customer satisfaction rates. Here we look to Dr Sharon as she wins Leading Non-Surgical Facial Aesthetic Treatment Provider, 2022 – Coventry. As a cosmetic clinic that is well known for its innovative nonsurgical facial transformation and regeneration, Dr Sharon’s Facial Aesthetics offers its patients a one-of-a-kind experience that will leave them feeling refreshed, confident, and – most importantly – beautiful. Dr Sharon Kaur carries out all of the treatments for her clients and is known for her award-winning work that leaves patients feeling heard, understood, and completely rejuvenated. With all of Dr Sharon’s remedies she has won multiple awards, as well as the hearts of her clients. She is well known for her enhancements, medical skincare, facial peels, botulinum toxin treatments, dermal fillers, and skin boosters – all of natural and gentle origins. Dr Sharon is a firm believer that wellness begins within and, with her accredited courses in Nutrition and Health, she truly understands the link between inner and outer wellness – in a way that promotes health in all senses of the word. With Dr Sharon’s anti-ageing solutions, hyaluronic fillers, micro needling, dermaplaning, health and wellness injections, and other flawless skin treatments, she is changing the world one face at a time. The Tweakments Guide is a digital guide by Journalist Alice HartDavis. She has researched and documented some of the best skincare trends and treatments on the market, and Dr Sharon’s Facial Aesthetics’ tips and tricks are included in her reports. Dr Sharon’s Facial Aesthetics has quickly become well known in the digital sphere for the many services and solutions on offer. Tweakments helps us to discover better skin treatments and Alice has written about many of them in some of the top magazines and newspapers. Dr Sharon’s Facial Aesthetics clinic has been a huge step in the right direction for Dr Sharon, and she is continuously coming up with more ways to push the bar higher through her solutions and personable skills. Understanding how skin works – and how to conquer any problems we may be facing – is one of Dr Sharon’s specialties. By offering top-quality services and solutions, Dr Sharon promises the best customer experience for all of her patients. With this, Dr Sharon has become one to watch in the industry. She strives to be the best she can be, and she has achieved excellent recognition such as an Excellence Status with Save Face, amongst other awards including Best Practice 2020 and Best Patient Care 2019. Being part of something greater than herself, Dr Sharon is registered with the independent Care & Quality Commission (CQC) and, with this, she has joined a wide variety of individuals who are all recognised in the industry – and by the NHS England and the Department of Health. Not only has she become part of a distinguished and diverse group, but she has exceeded all expectations for her patients. For 2022 and beyond, Dr Sharon’s Facial Aesthetics will consistently push towards superior service and high quality solutions. Winning Leading Non-Surgical Facial Aesthetic Treatment Provider, 2022 – Coventry, Dr Sharon’s Facial Aesthetics has continued to raise the standards in the beauty industry – long may her success continue. Contact: Sharon Kaur Company: Dr Sharon’s Facial Aesthetics Web Address: Achieve a Glow, Non-Invasively Mar22300