GHP Q2 2022

50 GHP Q2 2022 Kavi Global is honoured to win the Global Private Healthcare Awards 2022 for delighting clients across the healthcare ecosystem.The teamhas bothbreadth and depth in the healthcare domain, as they deliver innovative data analytics solutions on cloud for hospitals, providers, payers, and pharma. Join us as we take a closer look at Kavi Global’s story. In 2008 Kavi Global’s Founder and CEO, Vijitha Kaduwela, left his leadership role at GE, ending his 15-year career in analytics. From Vijitha’s early career at United Airlines to his time at GE, he struggled to find technology and consulting partners that could help him deliver solutions faster and more cost effectively in a sustainable fashion. He realised that the current solutions in the market did not address the main issues: internal resources were learning new technology instead of building solutions, and IT teams were spending time upgrading and migrating systems instead of enabling businesses to transform data into insights easily and efficiently. Convinced that analytics was the key differentiator to help businesses grow and realising the acute need and market opportunity for a full-service data analytics company, Vijitha and key members launched Kavi Global. Kavi Global was born with the idea that analytics projects needed to be less costly, complex, risky, and time consuming. They needed the right single consulting service to build the competency to support organisations’ strategy with business, technology, and quantitative skills not internally available. Thirteen years after being created as a consulting company specialising in analytics and bringing together services covering all aspects of an analytics implementation, Kavi Global is now a leader in analytics. Kavi has been recognized by Gartner for 3 years running and named Inc 5000’s Fastest Growing Companies! Why Kavi Global? “Kavi” is Sanskrit for “thinker”, “intelligent person”, or “leader”, which is what lies at the heart of the Kavi Global, from hiring all the way through to project delivery. KaviGlobal has been named as a top 20 business analytics consulting company because of its significant results and technical and industry experience. Kavi Global’s no code data engineering and data science platform, Advana Data Mesh, has proved to be an accelerator for enterprises to consolidate and democratise their data so they can innovate at the speed of business. Kavi Global specialises in Intelligent Applications with embedded AI, or intelligent process automation, to provide timely insights, to the human in the loop, for decision support. An intelligent application is one that is powered by analytics and embeds analytical insights within the Human-in-the-Loop decision support workflow. Noteworthy industry examples include pain detection in neonates and foetuses for hospitals, drug efficacy experimental trials for pharma, and fraud detection to identify anomalies in billing invoices. Now, Kavi Global is celebrating its Private Healthcare Awards 2022 success, with Vijitha commenting, “Thank you to Global Health & Pharma for this amazing award and recognition! I’d also like to thank all of our clients in the healthcare ecosystem for choosing us as your data analytics partner to take your organisations forward.” Company: Kavi Global Contact: Naomi Kaduwela Email: [email protected] Website: Most Comprehensive Pure Play Data & Analytics Company - Illinois Mar22351