GHP Q2 2022

53 GHP Q2 2022 Being unable to live independently can have a major effect on how we live our lives, but the team at IHI Care Services are on hand to deliver the amazing support that many need to continue living fulfilling lives. In GHP’s Social Care Awards 2022, the firm was named Most Trusted Home Care Services Provider -UK. We take a closer look to discover more about how the firm started and how it has thrived over the years. Compassion lies at the very core of the work undertaken by the team at IHI Care Services. The team’s primary objective has been to provide sympathetic support to individuals who need support the most. Whether they are living with physical or mental disabilities, the IHI Care Services team are always more than ready to assist people to live in their own homes with dignity, comfort and peace of mind. The business was founded by Arif Daya, after his parents passed away. They had been receiving care, but he had found the quality of it less than satisfactory. Calls were missed and when they weren’t, management didn’t seem to care. At the time Arif was the owner of a successful accountancy practice, which provided immense financial reward but didn’t satisfy the soul. The decision to sell the practice and start IHI Care Services offered him the opportunity to ensure that other people didn’t go through the struggles his parents had gone through. This awareness of how difficult it can be to offer good care in the home has guided the approach made by the IHI Care Services team. The biggest difference is one of communication, with clients being regularly updated on any changes to IHI Care Services. During the COVID-19 pandemic, this meant assuring some of the most vulnerable in society that somebody cared and was looking out for them. Contingency plans were shared from an early point and this meant that everybody knew precisely what would happen when the first lockdown occurred. The incredible quality of care that the team has been able to offer consistently since the inception of the business has pushed them to bold new heights within the industry. The staff have been proud to work in various different care fields, trained by professional accredited trainers commissioned by IHI Care Services. Those who place the wellbeing of their loved ones into the hands of IHI Care Services do so because they are certain that the level of care received will be exceptional. No two clients are the same, and so IHI Care Services has built an effective system around the concept of bespoke care. These needs often evolve over time too, and the team has proven itself capable of adapting to the changes we see in the twilight of our lives. When we get old, what we want more than anything else is to be treated with respect and dignity. This means different things to some, but to many it means being in the familiar surroundings of home. IHI Care Services makes this possible in situations where it otherwise might not be. Care is such an important part of our lives, but it is also an aspect often overlooked. The success of IHI Care Services has come from the team being able to put care first and foremost for their clients. Their dignity and wellbeing always comes first. This is a company that was born from disappointment in a failed system. Their success in the Social Care Awards is not just a credit to the hard work of the team, but a sign that they will accept no less than the very best for their clients. Company: IHI Care Services Name: Arif Daya Email: [email protected] Care And Comfort Mar22542