GHP Q2 2022

60 GHP Q2 2022 Tikvah Lake Recovery is a rehabilitation center that aids executives who are struggling with addiction. As addiction is prevalent for a wide variety of people – from all backgrounds and situations – Tikvah provides a safe space for individuals who wish to recover and find themselves again. Not only does Tikvah offer its services to anyone who is struggling now, but it promises a new dawn for them; encouraging a clean and more fulfilling future,Tikvah guarantees a brighter, better life. Best Luxury Personalized Rehab Center - Florida ikvah Lake Recovery knows that no matter how successful you are in life, addiction can manage to catch us in its grip. Addiction affects most of us in some way, be it with food, drugs, gambling, exercise, sex, etc. its obvious that we can all fall into a trap of doing too much or getting caught up in something that is actually negative for us. For example, exercise can be a healthy activity in moderation, however, exercise can develop into an obsession especially if there is already a mental disorder with relation to weight or body-image. For anyone, addiction can come from seemingly nowhere but Tikvah is well versed in the world of addiction and understands that there is usually a pre-existing issue in our minds. From physical health through the actions we take to physical health due to the way we see ourselves and treat ourselves in our minds, everything is related to our thought processes and the physical aspects come later. Tikvah is well aware of the issues that arise in the mind and, with a huge number of years of combined experience through its staff members, this rehab center has become one to turn to for not just the help we need, but for the luxury treatment we deserve. With Tikvah’s ‘Executive Treatment Programs’, it is able to walk every executive through their problems with ease and experience. The best recovery programs come from personalized treatment and comfortability, and Tikvah does everything within its power to recognise and encourage the individuality and uniqueness of each client – for the finest outcomes each time. Residential treatment programs offer luxury rehab facilities that include saunas, swimming pools, and health suite facilities that allow them to ‘find complete nirvana’ alongside the counselling that they receive during their stay. Tikvah believes that one-to-one treatments usually beat group therapy. Some enjoy group sessions – to get a wider view of others and feel as though they’re not alone – however, Tikvah offers private meetings that still allow clients to understand that they’re not the only ones suffering from addiction regardless of being alone in the session. This provides them with an open space to converse and divulge all of their inner thoughts that, ultimately, give the therapists a vast view and therefore a deeper knowledge of their client – so that they may offer insight and sound advice. Tikvah is well aware that the treatment plans must remain private and confidential and does all it can to ensure the best outcome for each client. With private chefs cooking up a storm in the kitchen while therapists calm the storm in the mind, Tikvah has a solution for physical and mental ailments. With its yoga instructors, nutritionists, personal trainers, and massage therapists also dealing with the physical form, Tikvah offers the chance to perfect your relationship with your mind and body to achieve harmony between the two. Its quiet and private rooms – with stunning views – act as a safe-haven for down-time. Not only does Tikvah set out each private room with beautiful, calming décor, but the whole center is kitted out with top-quality furniture, décor, and atmosphere for a truly effective and memorable experience. Tikvah is truly invaluable in its industry and it always puts the client first. With its ability to rehabilitate and dual diagnose (if needs be) it is in the position of Best Luxury Personalized Rehab Center – Florida. It is clear to see why Tikvah has won this prestigious award, and it will continue changing our lives – one client at a time. Contact: Adam Nesenoff Company: Tikvah Lake Recovery Web Address: T Nov21767 “Addiction affects most of us in some way, be it with food, drugs, gambling, exercise, sex, etc. its obvious that we can all fall into a trap of doing too much or getting caught up in something that is actually negative for us.”