GHP Q2 2022

61 GHP Q2 2022 Overcoming addiction is an enormous challenge, one which often requires specialist help. The team at Tikvah Lake Recovery believe that addiction is a personal problem that demands a bespoke solution. Their tireless efforts from their luxury rehabilitation facility have transformed many lives, leading to their success in GHP’s Mental Health Awards. The firm was justly named Best Luxury AddictionTreatment Center – USA.We take a closer look to find out more. If you’re recovering from a mental health crisis, there are few places finer than Tikvah Lake Recovery. Against the glorious backdrop of Floria’s natural beauty, the team have built a haven that stands apart from the crowd. Their programs are unique, bespoke designed for each client to suit their specific needs and to support them on their journeys of recovery. Many rehab centres fail to offer a solution which provides the privacy and close attention that many people need. People are thrown into group therapy sessions and encouraged to share, but this environment offers very little in the way of privacy. Privacy is at the heart of how Tikvah Lake Recovery operates. The team understand that for high-flying executives, this guarantee of discretion is vital to the recovery process. It’s why so many turn to this talented team. Thirty days away from home might seem like a long time to many, but the results when this time is given to the Tikvah Lake Recovery team are always incredible. Key to any recovery program is access to treatment and the comfort to take advantage of it. The executive treatment programs at Tikvah Lake Recovery provide all of this and more through residential facilities that include swimming pools, nutrition experts and a full gym setup alongside a more personalised approach and one-onone therapy. The needs of the individual guide every decision made by the Tikvah Lake Recovery team. Rehab is not intended to be a comfortable experience, pushing forward into bold and exciting territory, but this does not mean that luxury shouldn’t play a part in it. This 15,000 square foot mansion on a 200-acre lake has everything you might need to feel like you’ve arrived in a home away from home. Those who are admitted to Tikvah Lake Recovery receive expert and specialist care right from the first enquiry to the day you’re released after treatment is completed. That first call is handled by the firm’s recovery director, Dr David Nesenoff, directedly. he discusses the facility open and frankly. Tikvah Lake Recovery is not the perfect solution to everyone, and the first matter discussed is whether it will be the right option in each individual circumstance. If admitted, the process is incredibly smooth, with the minimum of paperwork completed before entering. The aim is to create a smooth transition from a state of panic and alarm to one which is serene and calm at all times. The Tikvah Lake Recovery team have accomplished much over the years, but its clear that they are always looking for new and exciting ways of pushing the business forward. We celebrate their continued and tremendous efforts within the mental health industry as a whole. The future that lies ahead of them is one which seems increasingly long. What will they do next? Company: Tikvah Lake Recovery Name: Adam Nesenoff Email: [email protected] Addiction Experts Secure Success Apr22030