GHP Q2 2022

62 GHP Q2 2022 New technologies have transformed every industry, and the health sector is no exception. Through bioelectronics, the team at Tivic Health have been able to work with your body’s natural electricity to target pain at the source. In GHP’s rolling series of Global Excellence Awards, the team were recognised for their sterling efforts, with the award for 2022’s Most Innovative Sinus Relief Solution: ClearUP. We take a closer look to find out more. The human body runs on electrical impulses, with bioelectronics offering a way to treat disease through tuning the electrical signals carried along the neural (nerve) pathways. As a non-invasive way of working, companies around the world are developing over the counter healthtech devices that will treat disease and chronic conditions, enhancing wellness and improving lives. Leading the way in this regard are the team at Tivic Health. Their first product, ClearUP, is a small handheld device that is FDA-cleared, CE marked, and clinically proven to provide relief from sinus pain and congestion from allergies, colds, and flu. Designed to be used easily by consumers, ClearUP is not only safe and effective, but accessible to all. This is a sector which has an enormous amount of potential, with the team already planning an extensive portfolio of bioelectronic solutions. The development of ClearUP has proven there is a clear market for bioelectronic solutions. It takes sophisticated therapies and places it in the hands of the consumer. The growth of this market has only just begun, and it’s clear that Tivic Health are at the forefront of this new revolution. To make the most of the opportunity, a significant amount of time and money has been committed to educating consumers of the benefits of bioelectronic medicine. It’s not simply a nasal spray, pill or flush. It’s a natural way of providing a path away from sinus pain, congestion, or seasonal allergies. The fresh approach of Tivic Health means that it has taken a position as a nimble and fast-growing organization that is highly collaborative. Working from home is a feature of how the business works, with flexibility to work both in the office and anywhere in the world. This allows the team to hire the best talent, no matter what their specific location. The result is an organisation that is not only able to pool diverse talents, but has made a point of pushing these talents forward into bold new territory. The COVID-19 pandemic has proven that there are consumers who are highly interested in products that help them better manage their health and wellness. Clinical trials, third party data sources, and customer product reviews demonstrate consumers are actively looking for non-pharmaceutical methods to treat illnesses. That’s precisely the sort of service that Tivic Health has committed to offering through ClearUP. Innovation is not always easy, but the Tivic Health team have found an effective way of moving forward. The future for this intrepid team looks incredibly positive, with ClearUP the first of many exciting developments for the company. As the team continue to expand their portfolio of bioelectronic medicine products, we cannot wait to see what exciting new developments they come up with next. Company: Tivic Health Name: Cheryl Delgreco Email: [email protected] Web Address: Shocks To The System Apr22075