GHP Q2 2022

64 GHP Q2 2022 Your Baby Scan strives to deliver the best private ultrasound experience for pregnant individuals and their families, in a safe environment, using state-of-the-art equipment and delivered using only fully qualified sonographers, whilst ensuring best value for money. Recognised as Most Outstanding Private Pregnancy Ultrasound Clinic, 2022 – Cheshire, we take a closer look at how it captures the magic of pregnancy. Making Memories our Baby Scan offers ultrasounds from seven weeks right through to full-term, during which, its team will perform a full wellbeing check on the baby to make sure everything is developing as it should be for the stage in the pregnancy. Using the highest quality equipment, the very best images can be captured to be taken home following the scan, whether the parents would like to see their baby in 2D (black and white) or 3D/4D. The primary focus of a scan is to check the wellbeing of the baby, whether this is an early reassurance scan, bonding, or presentation. Your Baby Scan’s HCPC (Health & Care Professions Council) qualified sonographers ensure that good clinical advice is given, and if they discover anything that needs to be followed up by the NHS antenatal clinical care team, they will be sure to provide a full report documenting their observations during the scan and direction to the appropriate point of contact and pathway. The clinic prides itself on providing a caring and conscientious, comfortable, and relaxing experience. The patient will not be rushed at any stage of their visit, before the scan, during the scan, or afterwards. The full scan time included with the package will be provided, so there’s plenty of time to bond with the little one and to take in their amazing development and growth. After the scan, the patient will have lots of time and privacy to view their images, and to select prints to take home with them, whilst having immediate online access to all the images anywhere, anytime via the photo locker (included in most scans), making sharing the special experience with friends and family easy. The Your Baby Scan team strives to deliver the very best experience with every visit, with its reception staff being trained in customer care. All scan times, along with the layout of the clinics have been designed to accommodate multiple patients when needed, so there isn’t any need for anyone to be rushed in or out of the clinic at any time. It takes pride in not offering a conveyorbelt business, but instead caring about the experience that each and every one of its patients receives. Indeed, the clinic’s staff are integral to its success and the service it delivers. If its staff cannot deliver fantastic customer care, then its reputation would be damaged – something that the team is constantly working on developing. And this service didn’t faulter during the covid pandemic, either. The team was able to support families by offering them a safer alternative to NHS hospitals where covid-positive patients were attending, offering reassurance scans in addition to their standard NHS appointments. In addition, Your Baby Scan created the UK’s first and only online livestream service to allow friends and family that weren’t allowed to attend appointments to watch the appointment from home. Whilst covid has now become part of daily life, and the government have relaxed restrictions such as wearing masks in most areas, this is still a legal requirement for healthcare settings, of which Your Baby Scan is one. This means regular conflict with patients that believe they no longer want or need to wear a face mask, and the regulations that are forced upon the clinic. Company: Your Baby Scan Ltd Contact: Danielle Farar Email: [email protected] Website: Y Apr22160