GHP Q2 2022

65 GHP Q2 2022 Babies, toddlers, and children are amazing – they are funny, creative, and loving – but they can also be exhausting. Parents do not receive enough the support they need, instead, they are expected to ‘get it’ from the moment the child enters the world. However, this isn’t the case. Sleep Baby Bliss is a company that provides parents, carers, and educators with this much needed, judgement-free support. Having a baby is an enormous transition that no one is truly prepared for; however, with the right support network, this transitory period can be aided along. Amidst the joy and celebration surrounding a new addition to the family, the underlying feelings of anxiety, stress, and bewilderment often go ignored, and it is these feelings that can be emphasised by a lack of sleep. Henceforth, Sleep Baby Bliss is an organisation that can guide you through the arrival of your baby – or someone else’s – and offer support to new parents, carers, early years educators through any challenges that they may face with young children. At its heart, Sleep Baby Bliss is on a mission to supply new parents with simple but effective techniques that can bolster their wellbeing whilst they look after their new baby or young child. It endeavours to provide every client the right amount of support and knowledge needed for the client to make informed and confident choices about their pregnancy, their future, and their families. With this goal in mind that Sleep Baby Bliss offers a range of bespoke & bilingual services encompassing pre and postnatal support; newborn care for single or multiple babies; baby, toddler and young children behaviour management advice; sleep consultations; developmental baby massages & exercises; parent-child relationships courses and much more. From courses and events, to mentoring, Sleep Baby Bliss ensures that its services are as accessible and affordable as possible. For example, the company’s Montessori for Babies & Toddlers course costs £35.00 for an intensive, 60-minute group session. Within the interactive course, clients are provided with information, tips, and tricks surrounding the implementation of Montessori teachings within the home. Short courses are also available on ‘The Flow Approach App’ (available soon). In essence, clients will learn more about the importance of learning by doing and active learning from the earliest age, and how these techniques and teachings can help their child to confidently develop better life skills, ability to focus, and improve their chances of success in life. This course is provided by Sleep Baby Bliss’ founder, Pascale Rochefeuille, an award winning Montessori Educator, Newborn Specialist, Parental and Holistic Sleep Coach, Babybrains Trainer . Originating from Reunion Island, Pascale fluently speaks both French and English, which has allowed her to work both nationally and internationally to promote high quality of care and teaching in the early years education. Over the years, Pascale has had the opportunity to work in roles in Canada, America, and the UK. Her professional career is, to say the least, impressive. Boasting a master’s degree in Biology and a Postgraduate Degree in Environmental Management, Pascale has undertaken many roles since 2000 teaching, tutoring, and mentoring both in French and Biology, leaving a positive impact on many of her students. In addition, she is currently the Director of two companies – including Sleep Baby Bliss – with qualified Montessori educator, a maternity nurse, parental, & transformational coach, and is the environmental coordinator for Growing Space, a project that develops outdoor educational areas for the community. Pascale created The F.L.O.W. Approach in 2021 and offers it through Sleep Baby Bliss and her other companies too Nature & Bliss ( and Growing Space Project (www. A holistic educational programme that has been recognised internationally. This system will help you in all areas of your life but especially in the way you paren and educator. It will help you understand patterns of behaviours that may be standing in the way of your relationship with your child and/ or their learning; through this understanding you will be enabled and empowered to recognise the parenting options available to you and enable you to provide a better quality of education for yourself and your children. We all love our little ones and want to be the best parent possible; even though we strive to achieve this, it’s hard to remain confident in our abilities and remind ourselves that everyone is constantly evolving and learning. The FLOW Approach is a transformational, practical course that will help your child develop essential life skills and help you get to know and understand your little one better. A passionate advocate for health and sustainability, Pascale has supported many through their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journeys but also educating beyond, and now starting to work with older aged group. Her expertise has been invaluable to many – she has given new parents emotional, health, and physical support, which has enabled them to provide the best care for their bundles of joy. Contact: Pascale Rochefeuille Company: Sleep Baby Bliss Web Address: Best Youth Mental Health First Aider (London): Pascale Rochefeuille Apr22165