GHP Q2 2022

66 GHP Q2 2022 When you’re experiencing anxiety or depression, it’s hard to know what the future will hold. Be Happy Again is not just a way of life, but the name of Leon Skaliotis’ specialist Psychotherapy and Counselling practice which has earned such success. In GHP’s Mental Health Awards, Leon was named Most Compassionate Anxiety & Depression Management Specialist – Melbourne. We thought it right to ask him more about how he does what he does best! The world of anxiety and depression can be very lonely indeed, but it’s possible to step out of the darkness and into the light with the right person at your side. Leon Skaliotis has made it his mission to provide much-needed personalised care for the people who are struggling, helping them to overcome their issues and return to a healthy state of living, as well as empowering them to take charge of their lives in the long term. Doing this is not easy, but Leon speaks to his clients from a lived experience of debilitating anxiety and depression. It’s what makes him so passionate about the subject. “Because every person’s issues are unique, sessions are tailored to the individual,” he tells us. “Well-researched treatment modalities used include – but are not limited to – Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Positive Psychology, Mindfulness, and Life Coaching.” Self-assessments once a week allow clients to track their progress and understand the transformation that runs through their lives. “Support is provided not only in sessions, but also available by telephone every day of the week, if needed, because I hope to develop a meaningful bond with every one of my clients that will help them to rediscover their strength and return joy to their life.” Through this holistic system, Leon has been proud to help many individuals to thrive. Until the COVID-19 pandemic, these sessions were conducted in person, but the benefits of online sessions have revolutionised how he works. “Zoom sessions have now made it possible for me to reach clients nationally and internationally,” he explains, “and from the client’s perspective, it is very helpful to know that they can access quality support, knowledge, and proven strategies, especially in more remote regions where quality care has until now not always been readily available.” The evidence gained over the last two years has inspired Leon to exclusively conduct his support sessions by Zoom. Overcoming the challenges of everyday life is not always easy. Certainly, we can be pushed back until we think there is no point in pushing forward. Leon offers an alternative to every single person he supports: “Through my story, the principles I teach, and the support I offer, I aim to help every one of my clients grow their self-compassion, self-acceptance, and knowledge so that they can confidently take positive actions and go on to create a life of joy and well-being,” says Leon. What is clear is that Leon’s lived experience forms the beating heart of Be Happy Again. His awareness of what other people need comes from having been in the same place as them. The trick, however, is that he knows the way out. Now, thanks to amazing technological developments, Leon can reach more people than ever before. It’s a credit to him that his passion has not dimmed over the years, and he continues to thrive on the possibilities. Nobody knows what is coming next, but Leon knows that he can help his clients to deal with it, no matter what. Company: Be Happy Again Name: Leon Skaliotis Email: [email protected] Web Address: A Light, Undimmed Apr22564