GHP Q2 2022

67 GHP Q2 2022 Blended Counselling Practice knows that we are all different. It provides a plethora of treatments, from all angles, to ensure the best outcome for everyone. Some people may prefer face to face sessions, online meetings, or telephone appointments – but all people expect a high level of professionalism and empathy from a counsellor. By offering a positive solution to mental health issues, Blended Counselling Practice assures us that its expert nature and deeply rooted experience can help to improve our lives now and for the future. Most Dedicated Counselling Service - Brighton & Hove lended Counselling Practice provides a safe space for professionals who are pressured to perform highly, on a daily (or even hourly) basis. Helping individuals and companies, Blended Counselling Practice provides sessions of 50 minutes at the convenience of the person in need of a listening ear or helping hand in the rearrangement of their thoughts so that they may feel comfortable, happy, and refreshed again. With over 20 years of senior level experience working in the financial markets – covering FX, bonds, stocks, and derivatives – Gary Jessop understands the signs and stages of burnout as well as the importance of mental wellness exercises. “Wellbeing and stress management is a vital component to improved performance, client relationships (internal and external), and business continuity,” Gary shares. His wisdom and experience allows him to inform and transform clients from all over the world. As sessions can be held anywhere, it is entirely possible for him to help someone from the opposite side of the world – so, no matter where you are, there’s always someone to listen. At Blended Counselling Practice, as a Wellbeing Practitioner for financial services, Gary completely appreciates and recognises all of the dangers and risks behind high performance high reward careers. Gary says, “In the financial sector where high performance equates to high reward there is a tremendous weight of pressure on both individuals and businesses.” Being able to clearly spot and define issues within this industry, Gary is able to promote better mental health through coping mechanisms and mental wellbeing monitoring. Gary tells us, “I offer a bespoke, confidential and flexible service in person (close to financial centres on specific days) and via video or phone (or a combination of all). Naturally, with staff often out the office on business trips or working abroad my aim is to be available by whichever means best suits the individual seeking my advice and support. I provide a safe, empathetic space, encouraging open and honest dialogue, where staff are able to freely express any issues that are impacting them personally and affecting their work.” By offering Blended Counselling Practice’s help in this way, Gary guarantees the most accessible service for a better experience, and a greater form of help. Contact: Gary Jessop Company: Blended Counselling Practice Web Address: B May22011