GHP Q2 2022

72 GHP Q2 2022 Putting clients first is vital for the team at ConciergePsychology.Their service isone which promises high-end, individualized and most importantly accessible treatment. Where many providers deal with those in crisis, the team here focus on a broad range of mental health issues. Having won the award for Most Discrete Boutique Psychotherapy & Life Coaching Practice – USA in GHP’s Mental Health Awards 2022, we take a closer look to find out more. Everybody has trouble with mental health at some point in their lives, and the degree to which it affects us varies massively. Finding a solution that caters to issues as they arise, as opposed to when crisis occurs, is very important, and precisely the sort of work that the team at Concierge Psychology thrive on. At the heart of Concierge Psychology is a desire to serve people from diverse educational and career backgrounds, and this is reflected in the staff they have hired too. Whilst most providers have worked with severe mental illness and trauma, either in hospital or intensive outpatient settings, the breadth of clients who turn to Concierge Psychology is impressive indeed. Many of the people they support are struggling with life stress, anxiety, depression, substance use, bipolar disorder, anger management or personality disorders. The model championed by the Concierge Psychology team is one which makes discretion a key component of the business. For those who prioritise privacy, there are few providers finer. It’s little wonder, therefore, that the team have worked alongside professional athletes, corporate executives, individuals in entertainment and politics, and other high net-worth and public-facing individuals. To meet their varied needs requires an attitude that puts customer service first and foremost at all times. The staff have limited caseloads in order to offer the specialised support that their clients need, with flexible scheduling that allows for last-minute appointments. The choice of in-person or virtual sessions allows clients more control than ever before and guarantees the best service possible for the individual. This desire to offer a truly flexible and accessible package meant that the Concierge Psychology team were already offering telehealth services before the COVID-19 pandemic began. With these systems in place, they were able to adapt quickly to the challenges of the occasion, providing invaluable assistance during unprecedented times. During the pandemic, it became clear that those who had been sceptical of telehealth had come to see the benefits of the system, allowing the Concierge Psychology team to reach a broader audience than ever before. It’s not just clients who must pay attention to their mental health however. The welfare of the team at this impressive company is of the utmost importance. Providers are expected to take care of themselves, and the structure of Concierge Psychology has been designed specifically to ensure this. With limited clients seen every day and frequent breaks encouraged, those who turn to Concierge Psychology can be certain they aren’t seeing a burnt-out therapist, but someone who is bright, eager and ready to help. The internal culture of Concierge Psychology is one which doesn’t just look for the brightest and best, but takes the time to hone and develop the skills to stay at the forefront of the industry. All Concierge Psychology providers are expected to attend yearly continuing education courses as well as regular consultation meetings where they can learn from and share knowledge with their peers. With so much progress being made in the field of mental health, it pays to continue to learn, no matter how distinguished you are. The future is bright for this intrepid team as their reach continues to grow across the USA. With a new office recently opened in Los Angeles, and continued expansion on the cards across both coasts, they’re making incredible progress. It’s a credit to their continued efforts, their incredible determination and their unparalleled discretion that so many consider the Concierge Psychology team the option of choice when it comes to resolving mental health matters. Company: Concierge Psychology Name: Rebecca Johnson Osei, PsyD, ABPP Email: [email protected] Web Address: Mental Health On Hand Mar22636