GHP Q2 2022

Winners’ Listings 2022’s Global Excellence Awards Leading Critical Care & Neonatal Equipment Suppliers, 2022 - the UK Central Medical Supplies Most Innovative Medical Device Development Firm, 2022 - Texas Velentium Jason Smith 2022’s Award for Excellence in Innovation - Colombia EHVOL COLOMBIA Leading Beauty & Aesthetic Equipment Developer, 2022 - Australia Spectrum Science & Beauty Benjamin Skeggs Most Innovative Healthcare Marketing Company, 2022 - California Doctor Multimedia Leading Clinic Software Solutions Provider, 2022 Aesthetic Nurse Software Best for Disposable Medical Device Solutions, 2022 - USA Elcam Medical, Inc. Ilana Engel-Regev Best Healthcare and Medical Marketing Development Company, 2022 - USA ZZINC health marketing inc Anna Liachenko Most Innovative End-to-End Clinical Trial Technology Company, 2022 Innovative Supply Solutions Most Trusted Hair Transplant Clinic, 2022 - Glasgow Glasgow Clinic Bolton’s Best Skin Health Clinic, 2022 The Look By Louise Skin Health Clinic Most Trusted Aesthetic Dermatology Clinic, 2022 - London Dr Tatiana Clinic Most Trusted Cardiovascular Surgery Training Provider, 2022 - Europe YourAnastomosis Best Patient Focused Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Clinic, 2022 - London London Bridge Plastic Surgery