GHP Q2 2022

8 GHP Q2 2022 Hair Transplant Solutions (HTS) guarantees clients receive professional advice and high-quality hair treatments, understanding the importance of the hair transplant procedure for the client while ensuring they feel comfortable during the treatment.The company has won the GHP 2022 Global Excellence Award for Most Trusted Hair Transplant Provider for the second year running, so we take a closer look at how the magic happens. Hair Transplant Solutions is a UK-based marketing business for one of the most renowned and rated hair transplant clinics in Istanbul – Clinicana. This unique partnership was born out of several country visits when undertaking research and interviews with Istanbul’s highest profile clinics for transplantation, extending so far as full site visits, reviews, audits and analysis of real before and after examples. The natural conclusion was for HTS to form a strong and unified partnership with Clinicana – a clinic that is not only well-respected and backed by copious amounts of amazing results, but its totally modern-thinking in all approaches while transparent in all activities. Clients have shared video footage of their transplant 18 months post-operation and the results are beyond impressive, with HTS wanting to deliver this same service for its clients each and every time by giving them the opportunity to deal with the very best. HTS offers bespoke chaperone trips which have become one of the most popular optional services, giving clients the opportunity to relax and let an expert handle everything from start to finish. This service is personally delivered by HTS owner, Tony Owen who is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of hair transplantation. Tony commented, “Clients are choosing the chaperone trips time and time again as it removes all their worries, and they can just relax throughout the whole hair transplant process. It’s become very popular over the last five years as medical tourism continues to become extremely popular with clients all over the world.” Tony is an experienced hair transplant expert with eight years’ experience in the hair transplant industry and over forty years in the hairdressing industry. Tony actively takes part in the whole process by explaining clearly to the surgeon where clients’ hairlines need to be placed based on muscle movement and nerve endings and how best to shape the hairline naturally to suit the face shape, face symmetry and to achieve the most natural look. This unique and valuable service gives clients confidence that the decision has been made collaboratively by the surgeon, Tony and themselves to achieve the best outcome. This is a huge part of why HTS is gaining clients from all over the world as they want to be involved in the process and don’t want to feel under pressure to make a decision based only on what one surgeon may suggest. Achieving a perfect result guides all decisions in the process, as it is of the utmost importance when choosing a hairline that is with you for life. People from all over the UK, Ireland, Europe and America are booking their unique chaperone service which involves either meeting Tony and flying out with him from Manchester Airport, or meeting him on the ground at Istanbul airport ready to start the journey which includes VIP transfers door-to-door and five-star hotel accommodation. HTS has amassed many five-star Trustpilot reviews which are worth a quick glance. It’s quite clear from the comments as to just how much confidence clients had when Tony was able to discuss their full requirements with the doctor based on previous consultative talks with him – all to ensure the hairline is unmistakably perfect. Company: Hair Transplant Solutions Contact: Tony Owen Email: [email protected] Website: Fully Chaperoned Istanbul Hair Transplant Services Nov21767