GHP Q2 2023

10 GHP Q2 2023 Based on two decades of research and innovative technology, Aiberry’s platform is an AI-powered assessment tool designed to objectively and reliably assess mental health conditions. The platform is a valuable tool for healthcare providers, increasing access to care, enhancing early detection, and resulting in better treatment outcomes for patients. The company has been awarded Most Pioneering Behavioural Health Assessment A.I Platform, USA, in the GHP Global Excellence Awards 2023. The Future of Mental Health Assessment: AI-Powered Screening ver a decade ago, a group of professors and students from Oxford University and the University of Paris hypothesised that depression could be detected by analysing the unique muscles in the face. Later, this theory evolved to consider the insights that could be gained from voice and word context analysis. Throughout the 2000s, Newton Howard, Soujanya Poria, and Navonil Majumder dedicated boundless research to perfecting this science and developing it into a proven methodology for detecting mental illnesses. Later, this methodology was used to create Aiberry’s patented AI technology, which works by analysing words, tone of voice, and facial expressions to screen for a range of mental health conditions. The platform’s friendly virtual therapeutic assistant, Botberry, engages users in conversation to gain an insight into their mental health. It can track trends and monitor progress over time, ensuring patients receive timely intervention followed by the ongoing support they need. While other companies have simply digitalised paper questionnaires, Aiberry is the only company on the market that is currently fully revamping the way assessments for mental health are carried out. Where traditional mental health screening practices are tedious, subjective, and error prone, Aiberry’s screening solution is objective, reliable, and based on just a short conversation. It provides clinicians and mental health professionals with a comprehensive overview of their patient’s mental health, enabling them to detect depression and anxiety early. Furthermore, Aiberry is proud to be the only product of its kind that delivers over 90% accuracy in detecting the entire range of the depression spectrum, from mild to severe. Its revolutionary solution addresses the mental health crisis as well as the provider shortage. It also improves outcomes and enhances the patient experience. By eliminating cumbersome administrative tasks and streamlining the intake process, Aiberry has helped its partnered recovery centres experience significant time savings and improved patient interactions. One centre expressed that the collaboration has resulted in a remarkable reduction of over 30 minutes in their intake sessions. The extra time saved by therapists can instead be spent engaging in quality, meaningful, and personal conversations with their clients right from the beginning. The centres can therefore prioritise building strong therapeutic relationships and delivering tailored care to those in need. As well as in healthcare settings, Aiberry can be effectively used in the workplace, where employers can offer it to staff as part of their benefits packages. After they complete the assessment, employees can access a range of self-guided tools and tele-mental health options, provided by their employer. This enables leaders to support the mental health of their staff to build strong, productive teams. The leadership at Aiberry has played a pivotal role in helping the company achieve what it has so far. With a strong commitment to diversity and passion, its leaders foster a culture of positivity and inclusivity. This has truly been instrumental in the success of the business and its product, since a diverse team brings fresh perspectives and innovative ideas. This type of creativity is essential in the ever-evolving field of behavioural health. Rather than relying solely on industry experience, they seek individuals who align with the culture and demonstrate potential. This approach ensures the maintenance of a vibrant and energetic environment and boosts the development of the business. At Aiberry, the leadership team also values work-life balance and the importance of celebrating small wins. By taking the time to encourage and build personal friendships within the team, they strengthen the bonds between staff and create a sense of unity and camaraderie. This also promotes resilience and flexibility as staff are more likely to support one another during personal challenges or absences, ensuring that productivity and morale remain high. As a result of its revolutionary patented AI technology, Aiberry has been awarded Most Pioneering Behavioural Health Assessment A.I Platform, USA, in the GHP Global Excellence Awards 2023. Moving forwards, Aiberry’s ambition is to leave behind outdated paper forms and establish its mental health AI solution as the gold standard in assessments. By striving for global accessibility, Aiberry is dedicated to contributing towards early detection, ensuring that individuals worldwide have the opportunity for timely intervention and improved outcomes in behavioural health. Contact: Jennifer Nguyen Company: Aiberry Web Address: O Apr23564