GHP Q2 2023

11 GHP Q2 2023 for its team, including a Leadership Academy and Thrive events, designed to celebrate successes and enrich the personal and professional experiences of the team. Its culture is built around its mission to improve access to quality therapy and mental healthcare. Keeping culture at the heart of Therapy Brands means cultivating an environment of genuine respect, both throughout the Therapy Brands team, and towards all of its customers. This is something that is at the forefront of the company’s activities every day, as it delivers its valuable services to patients, clients, and to society. When it comes to recruiting new staff to the team, Therapy Brands looks for a skill set that is varied and diverse. It wants to find people with a passion that connects to its mission to help increase access to all types of therapy. Its main focus, however, is always to nurture and retain team members, hence its development and engagement activities. The team has helped the company to win multiple prizes, such as the recent Comparably award for Best Company Outlook, Culture, and Diversity. Therapy Brands is always working to try and enhance the products it has on offer, which is something it will continue to do in the coming year with the introduction of its new UI/UX interface. This will improve customers’ experience through enhanced billing, patient portals, and better business intelligence capabilities. Such expanded functionality is a direct result of customer feedback Therapy Brands has taken onboard. The company uses such feedback constructively to help it prioritise goals in its product roadmap. The end result is a high value practice management system that’s easy to use, fast to deploy, and gives practitioners more time to spend with their patients. Company: Therapy Brands Web Address: Contact Name: Nicole Lininger Therapy Brands high-value practice management software is created by and for therapists and provides access and treatment for over half a million patients every month. As winners of the Best Practice Management Software Company 2023 – USA, we decided to take a closer look at how the company operates. Therapy Brands Holdings LLC is the leading healthcare IT partner for mental health, behavioral health, substance abuse, and rehabilitative therapy. Its purpose-built practice management software solves scheduling, documentation, revenue, and data solutions driving exceptional clinical and financial outcomes. Therapy Brands is the trusted partner of thousands of therapy providers who rely on its solutions to simplify administration, improve revenues, and enable them to focus on patient care. Founded in 2013, Therapy Brands has grown to include a wide range of solutions specifically designed for practices who specialize in mental and behavioral health. This includes substance use recovery, applied behavioral analysis, as well as physical, speech and occupational therapies. The company today serves more than 200,000 providers, nationwide, across its product portfolio. Working in such a vital sector it is significant that the all-in-one practice management software the company employs is userfriendly and boasts all the features a provider needs to run a mental and behavioral health practice. Therapy Brands realizes there is no one-size fits all within the industry, but instead it offers a myriad of options that ensure practitioners only pay for the features they need. However, it also allows room for their clients to grow and change at their own pace. Therapy Brands makes switching easy and promises to have its providers up and running in no time. It offers a free 21-day trial to allow providers to familiarize themselves with the software before deciding. Therapy Brands understands that organisations are trending towards delivering multiple types of services. For example, they may offer mental health and substance use recovery, alongside primary care, and other services. Therapy Brands continues to enhance its products, enabling providers to use a single platform for all the different types of services they offer. As far as the company’s success goes, Therapy Brands strongly believe it is driven by its team members. The services it offers always begins with true partnership, and its internal team does care deeply about making a positive impact on those it serves. Therapy Brands provides extensive development and engagement opportunities Practice management software made easy. Apr23103