GHP Q2 2023

12 Western Fjords Advanced Technologies LLC specialise in the development of novel therapeutic strategies based on disease-specific apoptosis. It has developed a unique prototype to provide a solution in the quest for curative cancer treatment which minimises systemic side effects. In terms of expansion, this working modular concept can also be tailored to the specifications of other diseases. Most Innovative Novel Therapeutics Developer 2023 - Nordics estern Fjords Advanced Technologies LLC was founded in 2008 with the primary purpose of conveying theoretical disease-specific induction of apoptosis, with curative intent, into routine bedside practice. Apoptosis refers to a natural form of cell death in which a cascade of intracellular molecular steps ultimately lead to its death. It is a normal and highly regulated element of an organism’s growth and development, which the body uses to get rid of unneeded or abnormal cells. It is used in early development to eliminate unwanted cells, for example those between the fingers of a developing hand. In adults, the process of apoptosis is used to rid the body of cells that have been damaged beyond repair. It also plays an important role in cancer, for example to eliminate cells that contain potentially dangerous mutations. The process of apoptosis may be blocked in pre-cancerous cells, and if a cell’s pro-apoptotic function is not working properly it can grow and divide uncontrollably, ultimately creating a tumour. Apoptosis is one of those rare instances where the death of a cell (the cell sacrifices itself for the greater good) is to the benefit of the organism as a whole. Dr. Thor Hoegnason, of Western Fjords Advanced Technologies LLC, has combined experience of molecular biology Stateside, in addition to his neurosurgical training on both sides of the Atlantic. This is where the foundations of the company’s corporate mission can be traced back to. Henceforth, Western Fjords Advanced Technologies LLC is primarily dedicated to the development of bench-to-bedside curative treatment of neoplasms of the central nervous system (CNS). In 2011 Western Fjords Advanced Technologies LLC succeeded in the recombinant expression of a fully humanized, tumour-specific pro-apoptotic chimera targeted against WHO Grade II-IV Astrocytomas, with emphasis on the most malignant variant of the astrocytomas, Glioblastoma Multiforme (WHO Grade IV). Using human host cells for recombinant expression and target-specific conditions for extraction and purification of the products 3-Dimensional construct integrity and thus, function, is ensured. Thus, Western Fjords Advanced Technologies LLC has developed a highly potent disease specific therapeutic prototype, easily modified to expand the therapeutic spectrum to additional diseases. The realm of biopharmaceuticals is both vast and yet still relatively young, growing exponentially, with numerous novel products having reached the bedside in recent years. Approaches which may have been considered inconceivable a decade or two ago are now part of the clinician’s daily routine, vastly improving patient quality of life and survival. From the perspective of the start-up, long-term venture capital remains somewhat elusive as Bob Hope once quipped at one of the Oscar Awards Ceremonies he hosted, “so close yet so far away”. Western Fjords Advanced Technologies LLC’s unique marketing strategy consists of the development of a product pipeline of disease specific pro-apoptotic molecules, with curative intent. The therapeutic spectrum ranges from highly malignant brain tumours, which currently entail a terminal prognosis, to a range of chronic ailments with significant comorbidities and decreased, long-term quality of life. All of the company’s products are constructed using human subunit, thus minimizing adverse immune reactions. Its main product, the TAG GB4, is targeted against WHO Grade II-IV Astrocytomas. It works by selectively introducing a constitutively activated pro-apoptotic sentinel into the target cell cytoplasm, to induce apoptosis irrespective of the malignant cells’ metabolic state, cell-cycle or p53 status. Western Fjords Advanced Technologies is a private limited liability company which specialises in the development of novel therapeutic strategies based upon disease-specific induction of apoptosis. It places a special emphasis on the design, development, and marketing of curative forms of treatment against WHO Grade II-IV Astrocytomas and other primary brain tumours. Western Fjords Advanced Technologies LLC has developed a working modular concept, easily tailored to specifications of other diseases, which leads to the construction of an indication-based product pipeline. First there’s the primary construct, TAG GB4, which is targeted specifically against WHO Grade II-IV Astrocytomas. Secondly, the construct has been modified to specifically bind to other primary brain tumours, TAG EP3 and TAG MB1, both of which have been designated orphan disease status. Thirdly, the disease spectrum has been further expanded towards both chronic and malignant diseases of the integument. Fourthly, a prophylactic variant, TAG SC1, has been developed, targeted against a common, global neoplasm. This variant is designed to supplement existing products for topical application. W Jan23203