GHP Q2 2023

14 GHP Q2 2023 Pioneers in the field of clinical ear care, Clearwax Ltd. is dedicated to the design, development, and manufacture of cuttingedge technology for the removal of ear wax. In addition to this, the company trains ear specialists from across the globe to safely and competently perform ear wax removal. As a result of its innovative products and high-quality training for professionals, Clearwax is proud to have won Best Ear Wax Removal Specialists in the GHP Global Excellence Awards 2023. Many GP practices in the UK no longer offer ear syringing or irrigation services, leaving a growing number of people across the country to suffer with untreated impacted ear wax. As a result, Clearwax strives to combine the best ear care professionals with the latest technology and clinical evidence to provide safe, simple, and effective ear wax removal services. Those who believe they require ear wax removal can identify their local specialist on the Clearwax website, using its ‘find a specialist’ feature. All of Clearwax’s approved ear wax removal specialists have been successfully trained and certified by an accredited ear wax removal training course or programme. Many are also qualified medical and healthcare professionals who are registered with their relevant regulating bodies, including Audiologists, Hearing Care Assistants, Pharmacists, and more. Clearwax aims to achieve clinical excellence in everything it does, working to improve the delivery of clinical ear care around the world through the development of new products, delivery systems, and training programmes. It is continually breaking boundaries to bring to life new ideas and concepts, while maintaining the highest of standards and making no compromises. Since its inception in 2015, Clearwax has become known as a world-renowned pioneer and expert in endoscopic ear wax removal. It trains Audiologists, Hearing Aid Dispensers and ENT doctors to perform endoscopic ear wax removal, including E-suction®, using its specially designed and developed iCLEARscope® video oto-endoscope. This tool is lightweight, portable, and simple to operate. Its tip is placed into the ear canal opening, producing a high definition and wide view of the entire canal and drum to aid in ear wax removal. A significant advantage of this method of removal is the wide field of view it provides. However, some ear wax specialists may struggle to master the technique due to the high level of coordination and precision needed from both hands, with the endoscope held in the nondominant hand and the removal device in the other. With its latest patent-pending innovation, the WAXscope®, Clearwax aims to address this limitation. The instrument is designed to be more user-friendly than an endoscope, with an attached speculum which widens the ear and provides better control. The company believes this tool will revolutionise the provision of clinical ear care across the world. Over the last seven years, Clearwax has worked hard to bring the WAXscope® from concept to market, with total faith in the potential of the instrument. Having faced many obstacles along the way, especially in terms of manufacturing, the company is now very close to launching the product. As a result of the high-quality services provided by the specialists it trains, as well as its innovative inventions which will undoubtedly improve clinical ear care, Clearwax Ltd. has been awarded Best Ear Wax Removal Specialists in the GHP Global Excellence Awards 2023. In the wake of this achievement, the company looks forward to the long-awaited launch of the WAXscope®. It is also working on developing its own range of ear wax removal consumables, which will be both user-friendly and cost-effective. Contact: Neel Raithatha Company: Clearwax Ltd Web Address: Best Ear Care Professionals, Technology, and Clinical Evidence Apr23250