GHP Q2 2023

15 GHP Q2 2023 OSSIO® aims to be the gold standard in orthopaedic fixation by encouraging natural bone healing. Following the company’s announcement as Best Orthopedic Medical Device Company 2023 – USA, we have taken the opportunity to take a closer look at this amazing, transformative establishment. Naturally Transformative Bone Healing. eadquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, with development headquarters in Caesarea, Israel, OSSIO is a young, fastgrowing company. It was founded in 2014, beginning with the introduction of a product that was the culmination of years of biomechanical research combined with a vision to begin improving bone healing. Developing the technological basis of OSSIOfiber lay the groundwork for ushering in a new breakthrough category of non-permanent fixation, eliminating metal devices. The company is highly motivated and inspired to heal bone better. Committed to transforming the orthopaedic experience for patients, physicians, and payors (such as private insurance companies), OSSIO’s vision is to provide the first credible replacement to metal implants in the $15B+ orthopaedic fixation market. Its intention is to replace screws, pins, and plates with Intelligent Bone Regeneration Technology. Using OSSIOfiber represents a breakthrough in the industry as an innovative, material platform for orthopaedic and podiatric surgeons who seek a more biologically friendly way to restore patient stability and mobility. With OSSIOfiber there is nothing left behind, hence nothing that needs to be removed. By encouraging natural bone healing that, ultimately, stands to eliminate the hardware removal procedures, OSSIO wants to minimise implant-related complications, alleviate pain, and dramatically improve the healthcare economics of orthopaedics. Its bio-integrative implants have both the desired strength and a welcome bio-friendliness. This means they have the mechanical strength for easy insertion and secure fixation, while enabling the body to regrow bone. The regrowth incorporates and replaces the implant, but without the adverse inflammation and weakness often seen in bio-resorbables, and other bio-composites. It is something that has remained elusive to the industry – until now. OSSIO, with its registered trademark property OSSIOfiber, incorporates intelligent bone regeneration into areas such as nonmetal bunion repairs, non-metal hammertoe repairs, and other non-metal implants for foot pain. The science behind OSSIOfiber is unconventional and state-of-the-art. It’s stronger than cortical bone, stronger and more predictable than polymers alone, and does not have the foreign body reactions, stress-shielding, and potential patient discomfort or removal risks commonly associated with permanent metal hardware. Its strong and Bio-Integrative OSSIOfiber implants provide a unique matrix of fibres made from minerals similar to those already found in bones. This supports strong fixation and enables early bone attachment, as well as gradual bone and tissue ingrowth, and complete integration. This is all done without local or systemic adverse responses. OSSIOfiber offers surgeons and patients the confidence and certainty of a fully Bio-Integrative solution that utilises existing reimbursement and surgical techniques, and provides a more natural healing environment. The materials used are engineered for rapid bone in-growth, regeneration and replacement with a surface texture designed to enable early bone attachment. The 50 percent natural mineral fibre matrix has enhanced mechanical strength and fluid flow for progressive bone integration. It is suspended in 50 percent polymer for a more predictable integration into the local area, without adverse inflammation. It is a strong and Bio-Integrative Fixation designed to restore, regrow, and renew bone without permanent metal hardware. OSSIO’s breakthrough technology is a true innovation that once implanted turns into your own bone. Company: OSSIO Web Address: Contact Name: Alexandria Sooch H Apr23259