GHP Q2 2023

16 GHP Q2 2023 Based in Surrey, Boley Nutraceuticals Ltd. is a company dedicated to creating over-thecounter antiaging, wellness, aesthetic, and healthcare solutions, driven by science and made for the end consumer. Its flagship product, Totally Derma®, is a science-based antiaging nutraceutical collagen supplement that delivers a number of benefits. As a result of this successful product, Boley Nutraceuticals has been awarded Most Innovative Holistic Skincare Company in the GHP Global Excellence Awards 2023. Totally Derma®: Changing Lives Through Nutrition otally Derma® is a daily ingestible drink supplement that provides an integrated, long-term approach to the rejuvenation of the skin and the body, offering complete collagen production, maintenance, and repair from within. It stimulates the body’s optimum production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid, addressing both the physical signs of aging and the underlying physiological processes. This results in significant improvements in aging and dry skin, hair quantity and quality, nails, vaginal dryness, joint pain, as well as ligament and tendon problems. The idea for Totally Derma® was born when, in 2015, Founder and Director Anita Eyles was training for a half marathon. She was taking Arthred® to improve and maintain joint health, but also happened to notice marked improvements in her skin, hair, and nails at the same time. This inspired her to create a nutraceutical regenerative supplement. Anita went on to carry out extensive research in order to develop the ultimate formulation. She used Arthred® as the active collagen ingredient, while working with a nutritional therapist to incorporate synergistic co-factors to boost hydration, collagen, and elastin throughout the body. She sourced a highly absorbable, highly bioavailable form of patented, oral hyaluronic acid powder to add to the formulation. Now manufactured in the UK, the final Totally Derma® formula is complete with the addition of a number of antioxidants and minerals required by the body to build healthy and strong collagen. These are vitamin c (ascorbic acid), grape seed extract, green tea extract, alpha lipoic acid, zinc, manganese, and copper. The resulting formula improves the health of the hair, skin, nails, joints, and gut. It also boosts immunity and relieves genito-urinary syndrome of menopause. Using the prebiotic xylitol, the formula has now been made sugar free. Working with leading manufacturers across the world, Boley Nutraceuticals’ products meet the highest standards of pharmaceutical quality. It operates based on four main values: efficacy, innovation, research, and quality. Its successful delivery of these values is evident in the repeat business it receives and its impressive five-star rating on Google reviews. Those who have used the product express satisfaction with the noticeable benefits they experienced, the ease with which they were able to drink and digest the product, and the positive impact it has had on both their body and mind. At Boley Nutraceuticals, all staff are carefully selected to create a team that is more than capable of delivering the company’s core mission, which is to help its trade partners support their patients in achieving their wellness goals. With a strong, energetic, and entrepreneurial spirit, they are hard-working, driven, and always goes the extra mile. Ultimately, as a result of the well-received, effective, and successful Totally Derma® product, we congratulate Boley Nutraceuticals Ltd. on its success within the Global Excellence Awards 2023 and look forward to seeing how it continues to grow in the coming years. “Totally Derma® is now available in the UK, Ireland, Australia, Canada, USA, UAE and we are excited to be expanding globally to include Europe and Asia,” Anita comments. Contact: Anita Eyles Email: [email protected] Company: Totally Derma® (Boley Nutraceuticals Ltd) Web Address: T Apr23276