GHP Q2 2023

GHP Q2 2023 the Technical and Communication modules. The company is extremely proud that it achieved an almost 80% success rate in this batch, which is unheard of in the field. In addition to this, Dental101 updated its method of delivering content by launching its periodic YouTube shows, which feature its knowledgeable mentors and instructors. The company’s YouTube presence has been well received. Moving forward, Dental101 aims to keep up this momentum, continuing to make new innovations and improve the services it offers. Dental101 is currently in the process of officially introducing its ‘EXAM READY, JOB READY, and LIFE READY’ philosophy. Over the years, the team has noticed a need for mentoring dedicated to post-exam and post-graduation needs, so it has created a new ‘JOB READY’ programme. The programme addresses the various pain points experienced by new and recent graduates in the dental industry, providing them with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the profession. As part of this programme, graduates receive didactic and hands-on training for a specified period of time after they successfully complete their exams. Additionally, in relation to its equipment brand, XCV, Dental101 is constantly aiming to innovate and bring new, exciting products to the market that can help professionals learn and improve their performance. More details on upcoming XCV developments will follow. As a result of its dedication to making the stressful journey of dental study a much smoother experience, the team at Dental101 has been awarded Leading Pioneers in Dental Education in the Oral Health and Dentistry Awards 2022. We congratulate them on this achievement and look forward to seeing how their plans materialise in the years to come. Contact: Deepesh Sanduja Company: Dental101 Pty Ltd Web Address: