GHP Q2 2023

20 GHP Q2 2023 From Microblading to Lip Blush to the Ultimate Semi Permanent Makeup Courses, the Cosmetic Tattoo Clinic offers specialist one to one and group training courses. Having been awarded SemiPermanent Make-Up Clinic of the Year 2023 - Greater Manchester, we decided to take a look at what this academy has to offer/teach its beginner clients. Based in Castlefield, on the edge of Manchester city centre, the Cosmetic Tattoo Clinic is a semi-permanent makeup academy. It provides training for beginners in the semi-permanent makeup industry, offering courses such as Microblading, Ombre brows, Lip Blush and Scalp Micro-pigmentation. Founder Cara spreads her time between the training of new technicians and attending to the clinic’s private clients. The core values the company brings to the industry are to provide a well-crafted level of experience to all its customers, and to aim for continuous improvements as a service provider. The type of demographic the academy is aiming at for delivery of its training courses is women who are working flexible hours, and wanting to both increase their knowledge and their income. It offers online theory to fit around its potential clients’ circumstances and existing commitments. It has a unique selling point which is to offer free re-training, and free workshop days. This enables its students to succeed long term, after completing their initial paid for training. The internal culture at the Cosmetic Tattoo Clinic is one of passion for the industry. It constantly seeks growth, proficiency improvement and bringing on board new knowledge to its skill set. Such passion significantly contributes to the growth of CTC, ensuring it is kept at the forefront of industry standards. It does have certain challenges to face along the way though, such as the current widespread trend for cheap, online courses. These are creating a low standard of training, as well as encroaching on CTC’s customer base. Such courses hinder learners’ chance of a successful career post training. In direct contrast to such competition, the Cosmetic Tattoo Clinic’s affordable permanent makeup courses are designed to offer a high standard of online training that will build the foundations of a long-term career for its students. It aims to guide students through the courses, and enable confidence in their new skills. Cara has over 22 qualifications in Micro-pigmentation, including Phibrows, a Dermace Micropigmentation Diploma and awards from the Melbourne College of semi-permanent makeup. Working in Microblading can be an emotionally and financially rewarding career that brings about positive changes in people’s lives. It involves implanting pigments directly into the skin to create a natural looking eyebrow. It allows for the correction, recreation, and improvement of brow appearance. As well as being an effective beauty treatment, Microblading is also an amazing option for individuals who suffer from scaring and hair-loss issues. Another treatment CTC offers training in is an intense 3-day semipermanent brow training for beginner’s course. This enables clients to learn machine Powder and Ombre brows, treatments that are done with a digital machine. With a maximum of 4 students per group, this course will ensure clients of the best training and start to their permanent makeup careers. It is suitable for beginners as well as industry professionals. In addition, CTC offers courses in Eyeliner tattoos, the very in vogue Lip Blush tattoo course, scalp micro-pigmentation courses aimed at reviving the look of a full head of hair, and the ultimate SPMU course, which covers Microblading Manual Technique, Hairstroke, Powder & Combination Brows using the Machine Technique. The SPMU course also includes Semi-Permanent Lip Tattoo Application including Liner, Blush and Full Lip style. The Cosmetic Tattoo Clinic is also ABT and CPD accredited, with an affiliate insurance company that ensures its students graduate assured of cover after they receive their certificates of achievement. The award-winning academy helps clients to find their own passion for semi-permanent makeup in a safe and experienced environment. They will then be able to benefit from entering, fully qualified, into one of the most lucrative businesses around today, namely the beauty industry. Company: Cosmetic Tattoo Clinic Web Address: Contact Name: Cara Maitland Start an exciting new career in SemiPermanent Makeup. Apr23531