GHP Q2 2023

29 GHP Q2 2023 With private clinics in Birmingham, Solihull and London, Premier Veins is a leading varicose veins treatment centre with an experienced team of vascular specialists who give legs a new lease of life. Using state-of-the-art technology, the company provides effective treatments for varicose veins and thread veins, tailored to suit the needs of the client. As a result of its outstanding services, Premier Veins has been awarded Best Varicose Vein Treatments, Midlands, in the GHP Global Excellence Awards 2023. Brought about by weak vein walls and valves, varicose veins are lumpy, twisted, blue or purple veins that cause painful, swollen and heavy legs and feet. They are relatively common, affecting around a third of adults in the UK. Thread veins, also known as spider veins, are thinner, blue, red or purple vessels that can appear in small clusters or spread across the legs and feet. They are generally painless but can cause an itching or burning sensation. Thread veins are likely to occur as we get older. With the right treatment, both varicose veins and thread veins can be remedied. Some people choose to seek treatment due to pain and discomfort, or complications such as DVT and skin ulcers. Some simply dislike the appearance of the veins on their legs. With fewer treatments available on the NHS, many choose to pursue solutions privately. It is crucial to choose a trustworthy vascular clinic where treatments are expertly performed by specialists. Premier Veins is dedicated to providing local walk-in, walk-out procedures that are transformative for patients yet minimally invasive. Taking a non-surgical approach, its specialist team performs keyhole treatments under local anaesthetic, giving the best results with minimum recovery time. This means that patients can return to work straightaway and resume normal everyday activities. Patients are right at the centre of what Premier Veins does. The process is seamless from the very beginning. Using its user-friendly website, those interested can access a wealth of information before deciding to contact the clinic. They can then call Premier Veins to speak with an expert receptionist, who will discuss their needs with them. If they wish, they can arrange a free mini-consultation, where the clinic will explain everything and outline the benefits of each treatment. All costs are transparent from the start, with all treatment packages clearly priced on the website. When patients choose to pursue treatment through Premier Veins, the clinic strives to work with them to create a tailored treatment package that suits their exact requirements and preferences, ensuring lasting results, and with a 12-month guarantee. Offering a choice of appointment times and locations for every visit, patients are invited to attend for an initial consultation. This appointment will involve a careful examination by a highly experienced consultant vascular surgeon, supported by a vascular nurse specialist, followed by a duplex ultrasound scan to produce a detailed picture of the veins and blood flow in the patient’s legs. Patients will then be recommended one or more of the clinic’s well-established, gold-standard procedures. These include endothermal ablation, ultrasound guided foam sclerotherapy or thread vein microsclerotherapy. Patients are introduced to the recommended treatment with a full explanation of what the treatment involves and what it aims to accomplish. They will also be told what to expect after their treatment and be provided with guidelines on how to return to normal activities, driving and travelling. With many of its patients being active individuals, guidance can also be provided on returning to any specific activity or hobby, such as walking, running, swimming and cycling. After treatment, follow-up appointments will be arranged as required. According to feedback, patients appreciate the one-stop assessment offered by Premier Veins, which includes both a clinical examination and a scan. This saves time since they are not required to visit the clinic multiple times before they know about their treatment options. In addition, patients frequently express satisfaction with the friendly and professional team at Premier Veins, who explain everything clearly, reassure them throughout their procedures and treat them effectively. The feedback the clinic receives highlights the importance of empathy, active listening and recognition of the patient’s needs, decisions and choices. As a result of its highly patient-centred, specialist and effective treatments, Premier Veins has been awarded Best Varicose Vein Treatments in the GHP Global Excellence Awards 2023. Moving forward, the clinic plans to expand its practice to include two new vascular surgeons and one new vascular nurse specialist. Recently, it opened a new location in London and opened its latest clinic in Leamington Spa in June 2023. Continuing to collect feedback, Premier Veins consistently strives to improve the services it delivers. Contact: [email protected] 0121 769 2646 (Premier Veins Birmingham) 020 3633 4549 (Premier Veins London) Company: Premier Veins Web Address: Patient-tailored Treatments for Varicose Veins and Thread veins Apr23539